Sunday In The Park With HughE – Fairmount, Schuylkill River and Rittenhouse Square

 Yesterday I slept in, after shooting 19 events in 17 days I needed a mental health day. I did miss a few events I said I would cover, but it was about time I spent some time with Mike and I did. The first two photos of the day were taken off friends FB pages, the others I took. This series may have fun tidbits about the day and things that might be useful for you to use.

From Jackie Baik’s page: I could totally get down with yoga once a year if it’s like this.. #TeamEffCancer in honor of the amazing photographer of this photo & kickass survivor Jackie Baik — with Meredith Setzman and Monica Glass at Philadelphia Museum of Art for
Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s 14th Annual Yoga on the Steps

Thom Cardwell, Ian Morrison, Brandon M Morrison (are they related?) and Tommy McNamee.
is a non-profit organization
fighting all forms of hate and bigotry.  ADL’s
mission is to secure justice and fair treatment to everyone. The
WALK is both pet-and
kid-friendly and will feature activities sure to entertain the whole

The festival features live, multi-cultural
entertainment on
stage, throughout the crowd, and lining the WALK route, as well as, a
Expo with over 25 area non-profits. Kids will be especially entertained
by the
event’s “Artistic Expressions” featuring face painting, removable
tattoos, hair
coloring, and other special activities.

All registered
walkers received a
free T-shirt, free water, snacks, and an unforgettable
need to register if you want
to be part of this unique experience.  Registration fees are
$10 for
adults and $5 for children.  Join Team Zarwin (Click
Here to Register
), or start your own team today, at  If you’re not
able to join us, we encourage
you to make a donation to Team
Zarwin as
fighting hate is a community effort.

Eve Pilgram from 6ABC kicks off the walk.
Mike and I sat on a bench and spent a rare non-work Sunday together.
I admired this guy, he rode back and forth several times on the bike. I noticed a lot of people on the new indego bikes, using the trails
They’re so cute when their babies, and doting parents
It’s good to know that if your boat breaks down in the Schuylkill, or Delaware, there’s some to call.
This is a great party, and it raises money for the Schuylkill Banks.
Look at how gorgeous it is. This was also the first time I had been on the “boardwalk” and walked over the Schuylkill River bridge to what’s that park called. I still think it’s Judy Garland Park.
OMG you can rent a kayak, or take your kayak out on the river.
Mike and I hung on the bridge to the park and watched the dogs. There were several people doing that. There are benches up there too, or sit in the dog parks. So fun.
We don’t have a dog, but maybe some day.
We walked over to upper South Street to find some place to eat that we had never been too before. We found Honey Sit and spin, or something like that. It was good.  guess I should look up the name. We’ll be back. We like those window seats.
Someone in the park asked the owner if it were a tiger. It’s not.
sweet I love people holding hands, so romantic
man bun, and faux hawk alert
Pretty in Pink
Serious ATV for kids. Glad he has a helmet on.
we sat on this bench for about 2 hrs, it was heaven.
Super dooper style
I always give street performers a $1
Home again. What an awesome weekend. So many amazing events. Look for the links to my columns on Wednesday, plus I will be putting a lot of columns here cause I am so far behind. A few events are going to go right into the magazine and not appear online. Thanks HughE