Tidbits, Fashion, Sights and Sounds at The Radnor Hunt Races Held May 16, 2015

Good Tuesday, did I mention I photographed 20 events in the past 17 days. So I am a little behind in posting entries, some will appear here in the next few days and some will go directly into Philly Mag. Even though I plan to put a Radnor Hunt column in Philly Mag, I always like to post atmosphere and fashion photos on PhillyChitChat. (click on photos to make larger)

 These are some of my favorites, I especially want to post them today cause it’s so gloomy out. The most important thing to remember is this race is held to raise funds to secure Open Space.
Proceeds from the Radnor Hunt Races benefit the open space and clean
water programs of the Brandywine Conservancy. The Conservancy has
protected over 61,000 acres to date.

Each year, nearly 20,000 spectators gather at the Radnor Hunt Races to enjoy tailgate picnics, a carriage parade and six steeplechase races.
The races begin at 1:30PM on race day. Here the Orpheus Club sings the national anthem. I notice the men remove their hats, but most of the ladies don’t. I guess that’s not the tradition for them?
 The horses are brought to the rail so people can see them up close and get great shots.
 Fashion on the rail. Across the track are the tail gaters and people who pay to enter.

This is also where the Sponsor tents are.  You have to be invited to attend. They are always remarkably detailed with decor and delicious food. This is the Bellevue Tent, catered by The Palm. I’m not sure how much they cost, but I believe it’s between $5 and $10,000. You also get a set amount of tickets and parking for your guests.


East Infield Rail Tailgate – $150 per car – Non-reserved railside parking. Admission includes one parking space on each 10-foot rail and entry for everyone inside the vehicle.

Amanda Giddings Dana (Happy Birthday TODAY) and Michael Dana
Aye, aye Captain Alexander Hankin
This year the Young Friends of the Academy Ball had a tent at the Randnor Hunt, instead of the traditional pool party held in the summer. More people actually came to this event. It’s open to young friends who purchase their tickets to the Academy Ball at least 10 months out before the event. There are several other benefits that go along with this membership.
The event was catered by Capital Grille in Center City.
The theme was Tiffany blue, and was sold out. It was a great idea.
After leaving the Young Friends of the Academy Ball tent, I wandered to other tents to see what fashionable people I could find. I bee-lined it to the Brooks Brothers tent cause I knew they’d be gussied up.
Then made my way back towards the Bellevue.
Shooting a few food spreads along the way.

The Freedom Council of Valley Forge Tent. Always patriotic.
I tried to photograph people I don’t normally see on a weekly basis.
You’ll notice that when I publish my Philly Mag column.
The Saul Ewing Tent

Mike is still echoing the phrase: Bring out the hounds. I fear this will be his summer cry.
 These photos are also a guide for you to take the mystery out of the races, to see what you can wear and to come out and enjoy next year.
There’s a carriage parade in between the races.

 This year’s tailgating theme is Witches, Wizards and Goblins. They won 2nd place for most industrial picnic, what ever that means.
 There was a lot of bean bag play at the races. Now these tailgaters are away from the track and just having one big party in the center of a field.
Tony and Alissa Frick, Fox29 with Ben Cross and Rosemary Connors, NBC10

Mike’s melting

The best picnic I saw
Hands down the best dressed couple. Stacey did have a hat, but didn’t wear it in this photo.
Brandon Morrison and Stacey Kracher.