Future Sensations – The Inspiration is Found Outside the Exhibit

Happy 350th Anniversary Saint-Gobain, a French company that manufactures building materials, and has its North American headquarters in Valley Forge . By the time you leave the exhibit #FutureSensation, you will know it’s their 350th anniversary, see some of what they manufacture and their name. How many of us knew any of that before this exhibit came to Philly, the only USA stop for what is certainly a work of art, a once in a lifetime exhibit, and certainly a very commercial one as Inga Saffron wrote in her piece last Sunday in the Philadelphia Inquire.

But I found, that even though the Future Sensations exhibit does promote and demonstrate what the company makes and creates, it was worth the trip cause it’s beautiful inside and out.
Especially with friends; and that is exactly what I found last night when
I went, Lots and lots of friends enjoying each others company, an air of anticipation hanging over the The Oval to see the exhibit.
Most of the people I talked to said they had a good time, and the exhibits were ok. Not what they expected, but interesting, and they had a good time with their friends.
It was a selfie orgy.
I personally liked the revolving exhibit. It was simple and harmless, much like a fun house.
Did I mention the lines. Even though people had obviously gone through all the exhibits, and they know this last one is the 15 minute commercial, the lines were long.
The exhibits themselves were great to photograph. Lots of lights, and movement, with the City as a backdrop. Just spectacular. Go at at night. During the day, the lines will be shorter, but at night the crowd is on and alive.
Each exhibit has a sign outside of it and it’s pretty clear what’s inside. I do want to stress if you’re prone to migraines, this is not the place for you. There’s a lot of strobing lights.
The exhibits are safe and fun for the kids.
I loved the atmosphere surrounding the exhibit. So many people, chatter, #selfies, and photos of taking place, and then there was Tom Carroll and Laura Clarke
practicing Acro Yoga among the exhibits
I’m not promising you that these two will be on hand on the night you go, but it’s this kind of energy creativity, and inspiration that the Future Sensations exhibit is created.
This was another fun exhibit that shows what Saint-Gobain can do with light.
Tomorrow night at Replica Creative 33 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, I’ll be showing photos from my year long #Selfie project, where I took photos of people taking selfies of themselves. It’s at 6PM, stop by. Thanks

The Oval’s Beer Garden is open during the exhibition too.