Party Pics: STAMP (Students at Museums in Philly) Party at the Barnes Museum with Chill Moody

STAMP (Students at Museums in Philly)  allowes students to get to know the museums. A party was held at the Barnes recently to
help change teens’ perception of museums as places they’re not welcome,
or somewhere you only go if you’re told you have to, like on a field
trip. A program of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, STAMP is
opened to students ages 14 – 19. The program is opened to any
Philadelphia high school student, and is valid for one year of FREE
admission to 15 of the city’s top museums and attractions. All you have
to do is apply to

Kelsey Leljedal, ‎Phillyfunguide Content Coordinator at Greater
Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, Joseph Croft,, Britney
Hines-Boggs, and Morgan Findley Research Analyst at
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance


Veruschka Stevens and Cliff Stevens of Cultural Spots (CultureSpots is
for museums and galleries that want to provide their visitors with a
mobile audio tour experience) with Maud Lyon, President at Greater
Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. 

 Brenda Toler, Manager at The Village of Arts and Humanities / Event
Planner, Mahatma Azner and Sarah Culbertson both artists at Village of
 There was a photo booth, check out the result of the shot using the green screen. They’re in front of the Art Museum.
 Monshell Reys, Philadelphia Education Fund and Teyona Jackson, Philadelphia Museum of Art
 Cyra Copeland, ‎Grants Manager at The University of Pennsylvania and
Nicole Allen White, Director of Policy and Community Engagement at
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Sara Lomax-Reese, WURD Radio | President and LiRon Anderson-Bell, Director of Marketing & Digital Media at 900-AM WURD
 Toby Schwait, a volunteer at the Barnes Museum, discusses various art projects to the students.
 Students at Stamp
 There was a dance party
 Everyone enjoyed themselves
Asef Khurshan, a sophomore at J.R. Masterman High School, leads a tour at the Barnes Museum via an audio which he created for the tour as part of the STAMP program, and Lynn Bertowitz, a longtime volunteer at Barnes Museum.
 Tatyana, Kymani and Andrea
 Jordan and Iamni were the MC’s for the day and introduced
Rapper Chill Moody

 Tonight Chill will be at the opening party of Brick and Mortar which is also a fundraiser for the Rail Park.

Now halfway into its second year, STAMP continues to introduce a
generation of future cultural stewards to what the city has to offer
while also helping fill in the educational gaps left by lack of school
funding, said Nicole Allen, alliance director of policy and community
The program’s initial goal was to sign up 1,000
teenagers in the first year. It hit that mark after the first month, she
said – more than 11,000 students enrolled during the 2013-14 school
year. About 100 teenagers sign up each week, bringing the total of STAMP
pass holders this year to 16,000.
That group, Allen said, “looks
like Philadelphia” – about 64 percent of pass holders are of African
American or Latino heritage. About half of those who use STAMP passes
come from disadvantaged backgrounds or neighborhoods with low cultural
“They don’t come from households where art and culture are priorities, but they’re using the passes,” she said.