The Cheesecake Factory Opens on June 23 at 11:30AM, here’s a sneak peak….

Today I attended the friends, family, everyone that works within a 2 block radius, media, and more friends sneak preview of the highly anticipated Philadelphia Cheesecake Factory at 15th and Walnut .

Ding, daggity, dong that ugly Beneficial Bank and Rite Aid are gone. Rising up from the site is the gorgeous, and forever ever known, The Cheesecake Factory, or Cheesecake Factory building. People are excited.

 The Cheesecake factory will never replace our beloved Starr, Garces, Vernick’s or Vedge’s. I doubt it becomes a scene like Del Frisco’s, Parc or Rouge, but we will hit it up once and awhile, not only for it’s delicious cheesecake, but the impressive salads, two of which I tried today, and the unbelievable salmon and asparagus which my table mate Marilyn Russell, BenFM 95.7 ordered, so good. And the chicken “wings” that my buddy Kory and Michelle Cassiday, President of Philly Yelp shared with me, so good.

Michelle also had this delicious, she tells me, quesidilla platter. She doggie bagged some of it so I’m sure Arthur Etchells, Foobooz will be trying it tonight.

 Orange is the new black, or the color of cheesecake.

 This mural in the bakery is custom to the Philadelphia store and is done by Mary D’Astugues

 The bathroom sink

 Mexican Salad was really good, and oh so big. Definitely a sharable item or save some for lunch the next day.
The bar area, there are high tops, tables and seats at the bar.
The Cheesecake Factory can seat 291 guests I’m told
If you like their salad dressing you can purchase a bottle yourself, or a tshirt, pins or one of those little bears that were so popular a million years ago who’s name I can’t remember, but I actually have a couple of.
The windows in the corner of “The Patio” will slide up, and one will slide over to let the fresh air of Philadelphia in while you dine. The AC will still be on to make it comfortable on those warm days. This room is separate than the main dining room, where the windows there will be closed on hot days.
Did I mention how huge the salads were?
The bakery. The Cheesecake Factory does takeout.
All the team players who came in from other stores received these pins. Sad they don’t sell them.

For their Philly cheesesteaks they told me they use Amoroso, but only here in Philly and King of Prussia. 

This dish is delicious. The Philadelphia Cheesecake Factory opens on Tuesday at 11:30AM. They don’t take reservations, so see you in line on Tuesday.