Party Pixs: The Wistar Institute’s 20th Annual Golf & Bridge Classic in memory of Albert R. Taxin and Sylvan M. Tobin.

The Green Valley Country Club 201 West Ridge Pike, Lafayette Hill; was the scene of another great Wistar Institute fundraiser. Founded in 1919, the country club boasts an 18-hole golf course where members and supporters participated in The Wistar Institute’s 20th Annual Golf & Bridge Classic in memory of Albert R. Taxin and Sylvan M. Tobin.
The event helped raise $146,000 for brain tumor research at The Wistar Institute.

 Auction items range from fantastic concert and sporting events, to
cultural activities for the whole family. So, tell your friends, family,
and community. Proceeds go to The Wistar Institute in order to support the vital work taking place in the Albert R. Taxin Brian Tumor Research Center at The Wistar Institute.

After a day on the golf course, guests enjoyed a cocktail party, a delicious buffet dinner and a program, including honoring the winners of the day.
 Claire Rose, Ron Rubin and Mary Fenkel
 Jack Gunn, Jeff Morrison and Sonia Peterson
Judy Soltz and Richard Belas
  Cancer research is vitally important to all of us.  The search for
treatments and cures for diseases starts in the basic research
laboratory, where fundamental discoveries provide clues about how
diseases begin and progress.  Without basic research there would be no
foundation upon which to build new treatment approaches. – Wistar Institute
 Cory Siegfried, Lynsie Solomon, Julia Sherwood Murphy and Evan Solomon.
 Cory Siegfried and Erika Blatt (Check out her videos on My New Philly News)
 Doris Taxin, Sharon Tobin Kestenbaum and Elyse Hoffmann
Ashi Weeraratna, Mike Roynan, Joe Trainer and Greg Starbach
  Doris Taxin greets the guests. 

The Wistar Institute’s Albert R. Taxin Brain Tumor Research Center
honors the memory of Albert Taxin by providing Institute scientists with
the resources they need to conduct brain tumor research. Initially,
donations made possible the renovation of space for the Taxin Center,
completed in early 1999. Today, they support ongoing research in what is
the only brain tumor research center of its type in Pennsylvania.

 First Place Women: Sandy Goldberg, Marty Beth Driscoll, Mary Bak and Kathy Watson. Sandy said the trick to them winning was drinking beer, having a good time and chatting about life.
 Josephine Mandeville, Mary Duden, Peggy Driscoll and Elenor Davis came in 2nd Place, but had a lot of fun doing it.
 Joshua Klein, Christian Dyer and Tuong Huyah
Albert Taxin, for whom the Taxin Center is named, died in 1993 at age 53
of an incurable and inoperable brain tumor. An outpouring of
philanthropic support in his memory led to construction of the Albert R.
Taxin Brain Tumor Research, located on the Institute’s third floor,
opposite the Robert A. Fox Structural Biology Center. Fundraising
efforts were led by his widow, Doris Taxin, honored in 1999 with the
Wistar Award.

Thursday join the Ambassadors of The Wistar Institute at Du Jour’s on Commerce Square.