Molestice the annual block party and free music festival to kick off the summer solstice & Link

Molestice, the annual block party and free music festival to kick off the summer solstice returned Saturday June 20th
to the 100 block of North Mole Street in Center City, Philadelphia.
Nestled amongst landmarks such as the Comcast building, Love Park and
Magee Rehabilitation Center, the annual block party and music festival
promises a day of music, community, food and fun.

 This year’s Molestice, held on June 20th,
featured some of the region’s finest emerging artists including Kuf Knotz Band, Brian LaPann, New Sweden, Ill Fated Natives, Effie Liu,
Woodro Skillson, Gooch and The Motion and The White Cheddar Boys. Mole
Street has booked artists from a variety of genres from old-time folk to
progressive hip-hops to provide block party guests with a musical
journey from beginning to end.

“Molestice is actually a 30-year old tradition,
started by the neighborhood of North Mole Street in 1979. The event has
historically involved a day of live theatre performances and community
building. This year, Mole Street—the agency responsible for much of the
entertainment booking in Philadelphia—has taken over the production, and
we’re excited to announce a lineup of local standout musicians,” says
Sean Timmons,
Talent Buyer for Mole Street.   
 Experience planning and Philadelphia branding agency, Mole Street, has
been hard at work producing the event according to the local city
Bridget O’Brien and Brendan Walsh, co-founder of Mole Street Productions at Mole Street’s annual block party & music festival was Saturday June 20th to kick off the summer solstice.