On the Town With HughE Dillon – The Bacherlorettes and Sixers Joel Embiid, Alycia Lane, Gay Cross Walks, #PopeinPhilly

Good morning, today looks to be a beautiful day. The Tall Ships sail into Philadelphia around 2PM after leaving the confines of the lower Delaware River near the Walt Whitman Bridge around 1PM

I shot this yesterday at the Belmont Plateau. It was a gorgeous days sans all the trees down, and so many people without power. Hope my friends in South Jersey get theirs on soon.

 Yesterday I photographed TUXE Bodywear, which Opened Flagship Location in Suburban
, nearby was the Parlor in Suburban Square, owned by Rob Wasserman of Rouge fame. It was delicious. You know how I always say Luigi’s is the best pizza in the Philly area. Well Parlor is the best pizza in the Philly area. It was delicious and worth the trip to the burbs.

 On my way back into town I captured the sunset at my favorite location, the gazebo’s of Fairmount Park, right behind the Art Museum. There are benches there and it’s a must to watch a sunset with your romantic squeeze.

Food News: It looks like Townsend Wentz is working on his new eatery in Fairmount. I look forward to this gem being a 2 blocks from my house at 23rd and Fairmount.

Supreme Ruling:  Allison Cassidy and Barbara Proud. You may recall B Proud wrote a book about same sex couples who are married. FIRST COMES LOVE | Barbara Proud Photography
They sell it now at the Constitution Center to coincide with the Speak Out exhibition. To promote the exhibition the powers to be sent signed copies of the book (signed by B Proud and the Mayor) inviting the 9 Justices to the event. B Proud tells me that 4 of the Justices sent thank you notes back. I’m hoping that is not the outcome of the Supreme Court ruling on Same Sex Marriages that should come out today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed, prayers to God.

Thanks to Franny Price and her team for painting the crosswalks rainbow colors at 13th and Locust. I see lots of photo ops and selfies taking place here.They worked overnight to get it done. I think it looks great. I’m baffled by people who don’t like it, mostly gay people again. The NIMBY gays. Its something we admired in other large cities but for some reason in Philly they think it puts a target on the neighborhood that’s already called the Gayborhood with the gay street signs. But then if you call it Midtown Village, they get bent out of shape about that, saying it’s the Gayborhood. SMH

Tall Order: Last night at Sampan I ran into these crazy peeps who are in town for The Hamels Foundation Gala tonight. No doubt the last one, and the last of the epic philanthropic galas put on by the dream team of 2008. From the ABC nighttime Bachelor series –  Chris Bukowski, Alissa Giambrone, Jillian Anderson, Megan Belle, plus alumni Bacherlor Craig Robinson and Joel Embiid. Dinner was superb as usual, and the place was packed. Also outside on 13th street, a “movie was being filmed.” Not sure what movie but there were big lights, a serious camera on a dolly and actors. 
Survivor: Speaking of reality stars, congrats to Gervase Peterson‘s brother LaMont with the Golden State Warriors. Looks like he’s a survivor too as Gervase says he worked his ass off for the team and now he’s reaping the benefits.
Shocking:  I took this shot the other night. The storm had been over for a couple hours, but I saw lightning in the distance, as I was stuck in traffic returning from a party in the burbs. I headed to my fav place to shoot weather, the Delaware Waterfront. Waited about 20 mins for one of those really explosive lightning moments and got this shot. No other bolts happened for the rest of the time I hung out.
Craving:  This burger at Mercer Cafe at the Navy Yard looks delicious.
 Congrats you two adorable gals.
 Rent a bike at 15th and the Parkway
 Happy 1 Year Bday. You should have seen the amazing spread of food Alycia Lane created for the party, and about 100 pink cupcakes too.
Follow Meg Kane for the latest on #PopeinPhilly and the WMF2015 conference. Plus they’ve been doing periscoping, which I just signed up for too. I’m a little rough around the edges still. Tonight I will be periscoping some of the Hamels Gala so you can be there with me too. Follow me on Twitter @iphillychitchat, and somehow I will figure out how to tell you when I start periscoping tonight. Plus you can check out what I’ve done in the past few days as the clips sit on my periscope page.
 Last night these two crazy kids weren’t satisfied enough to just watch the sunset from a park bench, they had to hang on the rocky cliff. I did try and get them off of it but they wanted to experience the universe with love as Venus and Mars rose in the west after sunset, the waxing moon above their heads and the explosion of colors on the horizon as dusk ebbs into darkness. 
OK, have a great day.