Inside #Potus Visit to Philly on Tuesday I Imagine Security/Closing of Streets will be like this…

I’ve photographed President Obama and Vice President Biden over the past 8 years, and I received press alerts from the White House as well as the Press Pool reports for the tri state area. Not all the press can  accompany the President or POTUS (President of the United States), so they choose a few reporters of great standing to transcibe the happenings where other reporters can use to file their stories, including me. Usually I use them to Live Report to tell you were POTUS is, always keeping in mind his security and safety. Which really isn’t a problem since all the reports are delayed anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. They are all fun to read, especially when reporters chat about clothing, whether someone tripped, or the best when auto correct publishes a crazy word, which happened on Tuesday’s trip to Philly. (BTW Happy Happy birthday to my husband, Mike Toub, who supports my crazy career and curiosity.)

 POTUS was originally supposed to be at the NAACP 106th Convention at 2PM, then at 11:30AM he updated his schedule to say he’d be there by 4:05. This photo was taken about 3:45PM. I was periscoping the day so I don’t have photos from the front of the Convention Center, but there were a few protestors there as well as many citizens who wanted a glimpse of POTUS. Race and 12th Street were shut down to traffic about 20 minutes before POTUS arrived. Cars were just held up, no explanation to them, but with all the publicity, they should have just avoided the area.

Pool Report: Marine One landed at Andrews at 2:47 pm. Potus boarded AF1 
accompanied by Valerie Jarrett, Josh Earnest and others who we'll try to get
named later. We're taxiing for takeoff at 2:57 pm
 There were protestors at the corner of 12th and Vine. Celebrities, presidents, dignitaries rarely go through the front door. They go through the back door, the kitchen, garages, so that’s why I knew to go to the back door.
AF 1 wheels down at PHL 331 pm. POTUS greeted by Mayor
Nutter, l accompanied off   plane by
Reps. Chaka Fattah and Brendan Boyle (D., pa.) Motorcade Center City   bound at 3:46 pm

 I soon figured out the Prez would go up the ramp. I would have run to Vine Street to get a shot, er photo of the Prez, but I figured I would get the motorcade later in the day when he left and headed to the Rittenhouse Hotel. I was thinking of routes that he might take. This info is not in the pool reports. There are no one way streets for POTUS, there’s only his way as he traveled “against” traffic on 11th street, which was blocked 20 minutes earlier.

Motorcade pulled up to Pennsylvania Convention Center loading dock at 4 p.m. 
People gathered at the intersections between PHL and I-95 to wave and 
take pictures. Also crowds along Callowhill Street and at Vine and 11th. 
NAACP speech is open press. (So the pool reports end for a bit)
On the Record from Press Secretary Josh Earnest:
route to the Philadelphia Convention Center, the President telephoned
King Salman of Saudi Arabia to discuss the newly completed Iran
agreement. A more detailed readout of the call is coming soon.

 (random shot near convention center)

Potus came out on stage at the Philadelphia
Convention Center at 4:54 p.m., about two hours after the public
schedule initially listed. He was introduced by Roslyn M. Brock, chairman of
the NAACP National Board of Directors. According to the NAACP, the crowd
count is 3,300. The event was open press. The motorcade departed at 5:52 p.m. – Leaving via ramp, making a right on Vine, left on 11th, left on Vine, then traveled to 15th Street, it was clear sailing as all the traffic had been stopped along the way, during rush hour. Actually these problems won’t pop up during the Pope’s stay as these streets will be in the Red Zone, and there will be no private vehicles allowed from Rush Hour Friday til Monday morning.
 I decided to see which street I thought POTUS would go down to get to the Rittenhouse Hotel. I walked towards City Hall, as someone mentioned to me that it would be wide street, I was thinking JFK to 19th, but it turned out it would be Vine, to 15th to Walnut to 20th (up the wong way to the back door of Rittenhouse Hotel) I knew it was 15th when I saw 5 police cars parked on either side of street.

Highlight of my day Tues, When Duck tour guide pointed out City Hall, then spotted me and said there’s Philly’s friendly paparazzo. Something must be happening for him to be here -Yes I was waiting for President.

 Background from the White House:

today’s remarks, the President had the opportunity to meet briefly with
formerly incarcerated individuals in Philadelphia, including Jeff
Copeland who he mentioned in his
 The group shared their stories with the President and discussed
their reintegration following their release as well as the work they
are doing to help other formerly incarcerated individuals and at-risk
youth through community service, mentorship,
and education.
 There he is
 POTUS in white shirt
 The entourage continues. I wish I had seen it go down Walnut Street. But I couldn’t run fast enough. Oh well. It was great to be caught up in the moment in front of City Hall. There’s nothing more spectacular then seeing a presidential motorcade, and everyone around me was excited.

Motorcade rolled up at the RIttenhouse Hotel about 6 p.m. for the
 Democratic National Committee Roundtable fundraiser, moving past large
crowds in the square. Pool is in a holding room with no
access to the event. Per a DNC official, there are 30 attendees who contributed up to $34,000 each.

Host of the event is Philadelphia lawyer Steve Cozen.
The motorcade arrived at the Rittenhouse Hotel at 6 p.m. Crowds lined the streets. Your pool
was ushered into a hold and will not have access to the DNC roundtable.
Waiting for more details about the event, which will pass along.

In the meantime, your pooler caught up with Rep. Debbie Wasserman
Schultz entering the hotel and asked about Potus’s NAACP speech. “It was groundbreaking and it was sweeping in what he said,” she said. “If we could accomplish
a tenth of what he talked about, we could make significant progress in breaking the cycle of crime that grips too many families.”

 POTUS car was parked in this white tent area. I have seen this approach before.
 Citizen’s waited for nearly 90 minutes for a glimpse of President Obama. Most thought they would be able to see him and wave to him.
Motorcade left the hotel at 7:20 pm bound for AF1.

From "a DNC official":

On Tuesday, July 14th President Obama will attend a DNC roundtable in
Philadelphia, PA with approximately 30 supporters contributing up to

It wasn't meant to be, but they still cheered 
 and left with smiles on their faces knowing he saw the great turnout, and no protestors.
And when POTUS arrived at 76 on the way to PHL, the traffic on Walnut Street opened. I hope you all heeded the news and my advice and stayed out of these areas during the POTUS’ trip to Philly. I saw first hand how inconvenienced people were when the roads were closed down. Complaints, they fell on deaf ears. The news did get out, unlike in the past. Brings me back to the POPE. There is no reason for folks not to know now that traffic will be disrupted Sept 25 – 27 in Philly. It’s going to be even better downtown, no drive zone Girard to South, River To River. It can be done, it was very impressive to see how traffic was stopped along POTUS route.