Party Snaps: Philly Daily News Sexy Singles Party at Parx Casino

Last night the Philly Daily News Sexy Singles celebration kicked off their annual sexy soiree at Parx Casino (2999 Street Road) with many of Philly’s 2015 sexy singles in attendance as well as the “All Star Sexy Singles” like Kate Beaver, Kharisma McIlwaine, Bill Anderson and Jennifer Mundy.

One of the 2015 PDN Sexy Singles is my friend Alex Holley, from Good Day Philly’s Fox 29. She was on the cover of Monday’s paper wearing a custom Jovan O’Connor dress, and wearing her sexy smile.

 Akia and Melona turning it out with their fashion. Praising Jeniece for another stellar event with sexy singles.
 Jennifer Grabel and Sonya Bright
Janet Brue, Leesa Branch and Dominique Branch
Sam M Patel, Dr. Jennifer Caudle, Melony Roy, CBS Radio and Dr. Joseph Sobanko
Sexy Single 2015 Raphael Opida wears a hat when he wants to feel sexy, Angelica Garcia likes her men to have confidence.
 David Alexander Jenkins is an old soul in a young man’s smoking-hot body says Jenice Armstrong, the founder of PDN Sexy Singles.
 Kate Beaver looking red hot. These days she works for Fireball as a rep and wanted her hair to match the brand. There’s a big chance that she won’t be a single for long, sexy and married lady yes.  Kory Aversa took time out from his busy week to attend the party. He’s single too boys.
 Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick from Fox 29’s Good Day with Carrie Nork Minelli, ‎Director of Advertising & Public Relations at Parx Casino. Mike Jerrick is no longer single, having gotten engaged this past year to his lady love of 6 years. Going to the Chapel…
 Anitra, Tyler, Nicollet and Becky, the later did hair and make up for the sexy singles.
 Tammi Toliver, (make up artist) Jenice Armstrong and her husband Cameron Turner.
 Anthony is all about dating well rounded women, and Anayef likes her man to have a good personality.
 David Alexander Jenkins is not above showing up at your next pool party in a speedo and tux
A nice crowd came out for the party, Jeniece always does a good throw down.
 Dariel and Will
 Fox 29’s Bill Anderson (Sexy Single Alumni) and Lisa Moreno-Dickinson Daily News Single Sexy 2015, being photobombed by Geoff Pierce, who was in NYC doing a fitness model appearance.
 Darius, Danielle Bullock, Tamica Allen, Carmen Lennon and Marisa Sasi
 Lindsay Kravitz, who’s boyfriend Keith Kovalevich is a Sexy Single, you see single in this case means not married, with Jen Groover, entrepreneur
 Ali DeLeo and Denise Kovalevich (she nominated her brother, wait doesn’t she like Lindsay. No she loves Lindsay, it was before they met when she nominated him.)

 All The Single Ladies, All The Single Ladies, Lauren Johnson, Fox 29, is ready for that ring boys.
 The 2015 Sexy Singles – includes Geno Vento, who just announced he was opening up a franchise Geno’s Steaks in Xfinity, Will Mega, Alexus Encarnado, Adama Bruckner, Terri Matthews, Emily Glickman, Luz Colon, Gabriel Veras Jr. Austin Kanavins, Raphael Opida , Elaina Marin 

 Kayla Vasilakos, a South Philly radio personality, has been named to the Daily News’ “Sexy Singles” list this year. She’s the lists first Transgendered pick.
 Joven O’Connor, Jessica Fleurimond and Michelle-Nicole Jones. 
 Dan Gross, Holly Maher, Stu Bykovsky and Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky and his squeeze Half Pint. Interesting fact here, Dan Gross inherited the Philly Gossip column from Stu.

Check out the entire Philly Daily News Sexy Single selection HERE.