Del Frisco’s Opens It’s Doors

Every year Del Frisco’s Center City opens it’s doors and welcomes event planners and PR peeps to showcase what they can offer your event. I’ve been to many events at Del Frisco and was surprised at how many spaces with in the popular steakhouse there was available for rent for intimate as well as gigantic gatherings.

Richie Furino, DM of Del Frisco’s and Carly Kursman, CBS RADIO, SportsRadio 94 WIP
 Joann Pieretti, JP Tours, Jessica Kiefer, Del Frisco Event Planners, and  Kelly-Anyn McKay, i720media – Event Support Services

 Aleinne, Delores and Vicki
Sweet setting
 Amy Hanby
 Les Richards, LR2 Clothing at the Shops of Liberty Place and Lloyd Z. Remick, Managing Partner, The Law Office of Lloyd Zane Remick
The 2nd floor dining area is equipped for a sit down dinner as well as a buffet.
 Vera Masi and Maritza Rivera both of R2L and Carri Tovsky, Global Tour Connection, LLC, Independent contractor/Meetings & Events. Sometimes when one event space can’t handle an event whether they are booked or their venue isn’t large enough, they might recommend another space to their client. That’s why R2L was in the house checking out the space.
 Britney Stafford, Administrative Assistant at Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, Carmen Tedesco, GM Del Frisco and Rebecca Sollosi, ‎server at Del Friscos Double Eagle Steak House
 Jenna, Kristin and Abby
The Vault at Del Frisco’s is a great place to hold a party. I’ve seen a big supper awards program happen in this room, all the way to the After Party of Zarwin Baum, with a dance floor, dj and a couple hundred people.

Del Frisco’s might be a long time advertiser on Philly Chit Chat, but it’s also one of my favorite places to go in Philly. It’s really like Cheers, or going to your hometown bar on Thanksgiving Eve. You’re always going to see someone there who’s going to put a big smile on your face. More than likely you’re also going to see a sports favorite or celebrity enjoying dinner. Get the Philly Cheesesteak Dumplings too.
 Antwaan Taylor, A to Z Party Rental and Noel Zayas, Zayas Events
 Becca C, with the twins Jen and Dana Fioravanti, maîtres d’ at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, are always at the door lighting up the room with their smiles.
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