Fashion Friday – The Weeks Standouts in Style

Every once in awhile I threaten you that I’m going to do a fashion post every week, and I do it for awhile but then I stop. This is one of those times again. Maybe I’ll do street fashion or maybe like this week picking out standouts at parties.This is also a good way for you guys to see my columns in other media outlets, the links will be included where I found each person.

Danielle Hankin is always spot on with fashion, style and a smile that lights up the room. She wore a smart looking Alice + Olivia dress to the Mural Arts Salon Dinner last Friday night.
See photos from that event here:
Artist Advocate Caryn Kunkle at the ground breaking of the Divine Lorraine. She had hoped to create an arts center at the much admired historic building. The developer offered her a 5,000 square space to create an arts center, no word on whether she’d accept that.
PR extraordinaire, Megan Smith, Brownstone PR, often running her business out of the media’s eye, prepares for the ground breaking of the Divine Lorraine looking fashionable while executing the behind the scenes production of the event.
This actually was a few weeks back at the Ralph Brooks Tot Lot Opening. Muralist Steve Powers and Connor Barwin, Eagles and Philanthropist, (charity is always in style) in front of one of the murals that surrounds Ralph Brooks Park
Ashley Taylor, Owner at DFTI Boutique and Lauren Stevis, Saxbys Coffee (she’s wearing a dress from DFTI.) at the Saxbys Coffee headquarters opening party.
Danille Hankin again, in a gorgeous Armani outfit at Andy Popera

My Standout in Style this Week: Mom and son at the Mt Airy Sip and Stroll last night. They are fashion fantastic.