Franklin Institutes new SportsZone Opens TODAY October 24, 2015

SportsZone is a new permanent exhibition that explores how sport connects the science of the human body, laws of motion, and technical innovation. Explore physical fitness, nutrition, equipment, and safety as you prepare to play. Then, hit the turf and go for it! Test your skills at pitching, jumping, surfing, and running all while investigating the fundamental concepts of health, materials science, mechanics, and motion.

 Justin Land of SportsZone funder The Dow Chemical Company with Larry Dubinski, President and CEO of the Institute
 Leonard Rosenfeld and Bob Bartosz watch Nancy Cox test an interactive in the all-new SportsZone
 Longtime supporters Bob and Toni Garrison join SportsZone funders Laura and Bill Buck
 Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews races Swoop in the exhibit’s core experience “Athletes in Action”
 Through hands-on experiences, SportsZone aims to help visitors discover how knowledge of the human body and laws of motion, coupled with technological innovations, makes for better, injury-free athletes. Read more at
SportsZone Lead Underwriters Jamie and Lisa Maguire with Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews
Franklin Institute President and CEO Larry Dubinski (r) joins SportsZone funders Roberta and Ernest Scheller and son Matt Schwartz