OUT: Jay Peterno, Gilbert Gottfried, Marriages, Amber Rose, Michael Moore, and a Celebrity Huntress

It’s been a gorgeous autumn, but I’ve been too busy to do my annual drive to take photos…

although last night I did capture a few shots at the Appleford Estate in Villanova when I covered the Kolbe Fund Rhythm and Brews dinner, which I will write more about later this week. 
Same shot but at night, under the moonlight with flash. Let’s see who was out and about this past week.

 Ian Larson and Jamie Reibenbach ran into Jay Paterno at TenStone Restaurant.
Greg Basile took in the hilarious Gilbert Gottfried show at Helium on Sansom Street. They always have great acts there. We’re lucky to have a first rate comedy club like this in Philly. I like that there’s seats and there are tables. 
 Congrats to Jason Lewis and Anthony Barone on their nuptials. The duo done the deed at the Atlantic Sands Hotel in Rehoboth, and were married by openly gay judge Abbe Fletman. On hand were a lot of friends and family members. Jason’s and Anthony’s mom walked each of them down the aisle. Misting in the seats were Jason’s co-workers including his boss Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds Brown.

 Later the duo were feted on stage at the Blue Moon by songstress Pamela Stanley to the tune of “Going to the Chapel”

Congrats to my cousin Jessica Matthews on her marriage to Ron Carmen. The duo also got married in Delaware at Dewey Beach.
Scenester Melissa Leonard is living the middle chapter of her life getting “selfies” with notables in sports, celebrities, boy bands and bold faced names. Did you see even a national blog did a story on her notorious celeb catches at Sundance. Follower her on FB to see who she hunts down next. In fact her friends call her celebrity huntress.

 Aaron Wheeler, of the Wilmington Hammerheads, Dave Yike, Stratus’ VIP Host and Andrew Wheeler listen to Lil Jon at Stratus Lounge 3rd Anniversary Party

Saturday Night at Stratus Lounge: THIS #Selfie Pix is the funniest ever: Lil Jon didn’t turn down at Stratus Lounge anniversary party – Metro—Z9n1Ik8r6PTlY/#.Vi5ka3uDbV4.twitter
Out this week:
Amber Rose at Barnes & Noble Center City
Tuesday October 27, 2015 7:00 PM From the sets of music videos, to high fashion runways and magazines, to life at home with her beautiful son, Amber Rose doesn’t hesitate to command her personal stage with confidence, edge, attitude and her own form of grace. For the first time, she is sharing her secrets on how to lead a powerful life in this edgy yet accessible guide to life, love and success.  – But don’t call her a stripper that slept her way to the top, she doesn’t react well to that. Just ask GQ magazine.
The Philadelphia Film Festival is still going on. This week Michael Moore is in town. Plus there are plenty of other great shows to take in.