Closing: The Latham: One of the Most Historic Hotels in Philadelphia

 Built as apartments in 1915, then converted to the fancy 138-room Latham Hotel in the late 1960’s and once considered the Four Seasons and
Ritz-Carlton of its time, according to
sources in the industry in an article by Suzette Parmley, Inquirer Staff Writer 1/12/11 is closing on November 9 to return to apartments.

Back then the article was about how the Latham was undergoing a renovation to spruce up the place a bit as newer hotels had opened and were siphoning off business. Well it seems that event that didn’t help keep the hotel a float to the satisfaction of it’s owners as they have sold it right under the employees nose.

Employees were told on Wednesday that the hotel would be closed by November 9. The new owners are converting the grand old lady into Condominiums. I can’t imagine this coming at a worse time as we head into the holiday season, and as the City gears up for the DNC2016 in just over 8 months. Gone will be  Joe Broderick, who just celebrated his 45th year opening the front door, greeting guests and sending them to the hot spots around town.
Also on the chopping block is the restaurant urban enoteca,which never seem to catch on. Not since Jolly’s occupied this space nearly a decade ago, has any eatery done well on this prime corner of 17th and Walnut Streets. Hopefully the new owners will get something hot and happening there, and for gods sake hire a PR person and get the word out.

UPDATE: Philly Mag’s James Jennings has the scoop on the new owner. Pearl Properties. Those guys are buying up the City. You can read more on my nostaligia with the Latham, or click now to read more about the Latham’s new owner and plans.

 I have fond memories of the Latham, it’s where the forgettable “Dead Man Down’ was filmed and I grab a few shots of Terrence Howard as he filmed a scene outside.

At one point peeps at The Latham let me hang out in a hotel room, and I was able to grab this shot of Terrence Howard getting selfies with fans, back in 2012.