Fox 29 Celebrates Halloween with Nikki Minaj, Kris Jenner, Tom Brady, Arianna Grande, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber and Drake

A lot of ghoulish fun was happening over at the Fox 29 Studios yesterday

Not just with the zombies from Eastern State Pen, 
TMZ was on hand to capture the moment
I was there doing my thing – Paparazzi

 Kris Jenner
 Tom Brady
 Justin Beiber. He didn’t show us his abs, but he did a little twerking
 Taylor Swift
 Nikki Minaj
 The TMZ Bus
 OMG there’s Kim Davis
 Face painting
 dancing zombies
 a kids costume contest

 Megan, one of the producers signalling to wrap it up. Hope you caught my periscope behind the scenes video where I introduced you to all the planning producers, and all the elements that go into making the great Good Day show
 Megan prepping the ghouls and guests for the last shot

 oh and there’s Ariana Grande interviewing our producer Jessica Klein (c)
Diane the floor producer is unmic’ing Ariana Grande, as Kris Jenner and Jessica Klein pose for a shot.
Check out the video from the show above