Creepy Fun Fabulous Friends Halloween Photos in Philly except for One or two

So many awesome costumes this year!!
 Nick Pytel and Bill Gerhman * sorry I bailed on the party friday, so tired. PS I did send a note.
Hope I still get in invite next year even though it’s twice now.
 Carla and Chris

Brianna, Ariel and Ian – Ian tells me more than one person bit him

 10 days in Key West for Fantasy Fest. These two really love Halloween.
 Way ahead of me I didn’t even buy a pumpkin this year
 Lives in California now
 Halloween on Delancy St

 Hostess with the mostess
 I thought you were a Corgie?

 Beyond sheepish about haunted houses
 Patti Smith at Phl Library 11/6 but completely sold out. Patti grew up in South Jersey. Before heading to NYC and fame, she stopped by St Joan of Arc pony statue at 25th and Kelly to say good bye to Philly.

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