Who is Sheila Hess besides Jim Kenney’s new City Rep – Plus other Appointments Yesterday

I’ve always enjoyed a good friendship with the City Rep for as long as I have been doing The City Rep is an important tie in to my mission, which is promoting Philadelphia. A few years back I held a incubator where I invited new PR peeps, press and the City Rep Desiree Peterkin-Bell for a meet and greet. Many a great relationship, and collaborative projects stemmed from this meeting. I’m excited because yesterday in Sheila’s acceptance speech she talk about collaborative projects. I’m also excited cause I know Sheila’s soul, she’s a good apple.

I guess I met her about 5 or 6 years ago. She’s very outgoing and I would see her at many charity events through out the City, representing Independence Blue Cross where she was the Director of Independence Blue Cross Foundation, as well as serving on many charity boards.

Kenney said it best when he addressed his appointees: the shovels have broken ground, the
cranes are in the air, let’s continue with the momentum and make it even

I don’t know where she got the energy. She’s like an energizer bunny. (2nd from left)
To say I was excited for her appointment would be an understatement
Rob Dubow as chief financial officer thanks Kenney for allowing him to keep the current job he’s in

Current budget director Rebecca Rhynhart has been appointed to a new post in charge of overseeing procurement, information technology, and human resources. She’s excited to make sure the City is using the latest technology to do business, in a cost saving manner.
Not only has Sheila served on many charitable boards over the years, but she’s also volunteered on Jim Kenney’s campaigns for the past 20 years. It’s been a life long dream to serve the City in some sort of capacity to shine a light on all it’s good deeds.
The Mayor’s Reception Hall was full of well wishers yesterday.

Harold T. Epps, vice chairman of the regional company PRWT Services
the newly appointed Commerce Director.
Gordon K. Roberson and Kathryn Epps Roberson with mom
Kathy W. Epps, Urban League of Philadelphia and dad

Harold T. Epps, vice chairman of the regional company PRWT Services

the newly appointed Commerce Director.

Sheila Hess and her IBX team including President of the Indep Foundation Rev Lorina Marshall Blake. They’re wearing red as it’s Sheila’s favorite color.
Sheila, husband Mike, with her mom and brother. Sheila wants to shine a light on Philadelphia so bright, we’ll all need sunglasses.

Who is Sheila Hess, she’s everyone’s friend, and she’s a Philly girl, born and bred. She’s a cheerleader for life, and for all the people. She’ll make a difference. This is a shot of us at the Lifesavers Gala last week. She and Mike came. She’s my friend and I am so excited to see her dreams come true.