Pixs: A new Art Gallery in Old City – Stanek Gallery Opens at 242 N 3rd Street

Last week I attended the opening of a new art gallery in Old City called Stanek Gallery at 242 N 3rd Street

Formerly the offices for hy lo – experiential marketing agency the corner property has been turned into a beautiful space for art work

 Artist Deborah Fine and Katherine Stanek met last year at a show at the Rosenfeld Gallery before it closed. and meshed as friends and artists. Katharine’s discipline is
concrete sculpture and Deborah’s is pastels. It’s perfect as each piece
of art complements the other and fills a gallery perfectly.

 The artists tell me they through out the year they will be featuring work by various artists as well as their own works
 Eric Stanek, Deborah Fine, Michelle Frederick and
Howie Krakow and Eric Stanek

 Many of the guests were old friends, colleagues and other local art gallery owners

 Michelle Frederick and Eo Omwake

space is modern and multifaceted, offering  not only an opportunity for
both emerging and established artists to maximize exposure of high
caliber work, but also provides an intimate experience for visitors to
exclusively preview a working artist’s studio, all while enjoying a
featured exhibition on the same premises. (Stanek Gallery Website)

 Ruth and Rick Snyderman just celebrated 50 years in business with their gallery Snyderman’s, just around the corner.

  Kathleen Horan and Quinn Stone

  Gary Weisman sculpture
Moe Brooker’s art work

 Besides Katherine and Deborah‘s work, other work features Moe Brooker, Stuart Feldman, Bruce Samelson and Gary Weisman

 Allison Rigby, Giovanni Romeo and Mercedes Grubb

 Check out the gallery for yourself Thursday to Sunday, and stop by on First Friday December 4