Chit Chatter, Good Bye Philly Gossip, Hello Again ChitChatter – Alex Holley Gets Dressed, Susie Celek Will Kick Your A$$

Sorry to hear that the Philly Daily News has ended the Philly Gossip Column; I imagine social media killed it as most times tidbits have been shared online, especially if it’s a celebrity, before the ink is dried on the paper.  I’ve been a huge fan of the column all the way back to Stu Bykofsky, when I think the column was self titled, another fav back then was columnist Harriet Lessy‘s Buzz column at the Daily News (now she heads her own PR company called Buzz Communications) or Joe Logan, at the Inquirer writing about media, and of course Michael Klein, where I contributed photos for 4 years (PS this is the longest run on sentence that would make MK cringe, he was a good mentor to me except for my grammar), then mighty Dan Gross took over Stu’s column, and in 2007 he helped acquire the online “Philly Gossip” URL. How do I know that, cause it was offered to me at the same time, but I didn’t want my blog to be only about gossip. Then Molly Eichel took over and last year she moved to the Inquirer to do features, and  

Jenny DeHuff took over Philly Gossip. It’s sad to see it end. During the past few years my photos have been featured in the column a few times a month, and you’d be surprised or not surprised at how often I contributed to the column over the years. I’m a fan of gossip/tidbit columns, and despite my own successful blogs, and SM platforms, sometimes I saw a story bigger than my outlets, sometimes I was placing something that happened at a client event, sometimes I saw something that everyone else missed, often I had enough stories that I could divide them to many outlets, and it was just exciting to share with others the fun that went on with Philly. That being said, I’ll miss you Philly Gossip, I know the newspapers will do a great job among all their columnists to spread the good news and tidbits of people, places and parties. I plan to continue with my ChitChatter column that I do, and there’s always Twitter, FB and Instagram which I’ve embraced to disseminate this info too. Here’s today’s Chit Chatter column.

 Alex Holley, Fox 29, is participating in Kenny and Faatimah Gamble Present: An Evening of Style and Grace ~ A Universal Fashion Show at the University of the Arts tonight. The event benefits their foundation ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ and ‘From Boys to Men’ Character Building and Social Etiquette Program for Young Men and Women. Earlier this week Alex headed over to Designer Bela Shehu NINObrand showroom, with fashion stylist, Ian Michael Crumm, to pick out the perfect dress for the fashion show. Alex tried on several beautiful outfits, and chose a few to wear. She’ll do the big reveal tonight on her instagram.  
Next up for Ian Michael Crum and Alex Holley, finding the right dress for her to wear to the Academy Ball on January 23.  Our readers will vote on which dress she should wear so stay tuned.

 Bloomingdale’s Outlet opens next Friday at 9:30AM at the Shops of Liberty Place. Plus stop by to check out the Christmas Tree which was lit Monday night. Tonight if you’re around the Rittenhouse Tree will be lit, it’s in a new spot so update your holiday photos too. The City Hall Tree will be lit, and the East Passyunk Tree will be lit.

 tredici enoteca at 13th and sansom opened earlier this week. i stopped in for a quick bite. these raviolli’s were AMAZING. i also had the carrot dish and meatballs, oh so good. the eatery is much larger than i thought. btw tredici enoteca is all small letters, everyone keeps making the t & e caps, but they’re not supposed to be.

 Congrats to Robert Kitchenoff of Weinstein Kitchenoff & Asher who was elected president of the Jewish National Fund’sPhiladelphia board of directors.  With him is Michael Boni, the outgoing president of the Jewish National Fund’sPhiladelphia board of directors. Fun fact, both these guys were once my bosses’ when we all worked at Kohn Swift & Graf in the ’90s. PS If you look at the KS&G website you’ll see Philly photos I took.

Sweet Susie Celek just finished a kick ass movie called Fight Valley. Look for it in theaters next summer.