#TBT Young Friends of The Academy of Music Monster Ball

OMG only a few weeks until the The Academy of Music 159th Anniversary Concert & Ball is January 23 with special guest Martin Short! A little over a month ago was the Young Friends Monster Ball at the Ritz. Occasionally this entries slip through the cracks, ie if any of my outlets get behind, or I get behind they linger until #TBT which is today.

Co-chairs for the Young Friends of the Academy of Music: Cory Siegfried and Katie Gagnon with Lexie Norcross, publisher of the Philadelphia Voice, sponsor of the Monster Ball.
  Members and supporters of The Young Friends of the Academy of
Music gathered at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Center City, Philadelpha on
Thursday, October 30, 2015 for its 5th annual Monsters Ball.

wearing fabulous masks enjoyed wine, beer and hors d’oeuvres during the
event. The Young Friends of Academy of Music brings together dynamic
young adults with a love for music and an interest in exploring arts and
 Event proceeds benefit the Academy of  Music Restoration Fund which
helps with the maintenance of the building, including installing a new
HVAC system last year.. 
Maryann Butterworth and Sean Nevins
 Helen Partridge, Elisabeth Hill and Rob Stewardson
Stephanie Searles, Gabriela Guaracao and Jenna Pelleccha
Matt McCauliffe, Miguel Aguilo- Seara and Lexi Burchmore

Alison Becker, Danielle Hankin, Alexander Hankin and Emma Rose Bienvenu
Kalela Williams, Jordan Hanchulak and Josie Lewis
Joe Choot, Ashley Orleans and Mike Carson
Dan Reinherz, Hadas Kuznitz and Katie Gagnon
Martin Ihrig, Cory Siegfried – Chair of the Young Friends of the Academy Ball and Jason Cevera
Monica and Katie Lara
Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown and Syreeta Martin, Sincerely Syreeta blogger

Billy Rossi, Claire Allamby, senior director, Academy of Music Restoration Fund , Danielle Rossi and Carl Caldas

Hot on the social scene of late Maggie Munthali, has been a long time concierge at the Union League

Ian M Crumm (ready to graduate and with a big announcement coming soon.) and Lynsie Solomon , vice co-chair for the Young Friends of Academy Ball