Philly Gossip: Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill at River Rink and Eats Big Ass Slices, Spotted Bill Murray (again) and Jennette Mccurdy

Nicki Minaj is the #1 celebrity moment of Philadelphia. She’s giving me paparazzi life as we close the book on 2015, which left us a little celebrity starved except for that time Bill Murray attended his son’s wedding, a story I broke. Nicki fell
in love with a home town rapper Meek Mill. He tweeted 5 years ago that his goal
was to date Nicki and have knock her up, I think he’s well on the way as in less than a year they are engaged.

To kick off 2015 Meek Mill instagramed this photo from the 1925 Lounge last January of one of their first dates after attending a Wale concert at TLA.

 She popped up
during his set at Made In America, then again when he did WDAS
Powerhouse, and now she’s standing by him during his court hearings, and
Philadelphia confinement. Meek’s not allowed to leave the Philly area until after his February 3 hearing, at which time he might be sentenced for violating his probation. She’s been staying at a Center City hotel. She’s been spotted at living her life at lots of spots.

Twice they’ve gone bowling together at
South Bowl in South Philly. Plus they were spotted eating at Capital Grille as I reported last week. I heard she had asked all the servers their names, and she addressed them by them during the course of the 2 hour steak, potatoes and cheesecake dinner.

She was also spotted shopping at Nieman
Marcus KOP on Christmas eve eve and instagramed several pics of her new buys, including an interesting interaction with a couple of guys.

 Tuesday I got a tip at 11PM that they went to a family members child’s birthday party at
Blue Cross Ice Skating Rink.

The party she attended at the Blue Cross River Rink was in the kids tent where they have games like air hockey, pinball and basketball throw

My tipster indicated he thought they’d be leaving soon so I hung by her car.

Then I heard fans screaming her name so I ran over to the Chestnut Street bridge area to try and get a shot. This is the shot she took when she was rink side.

This group and I think that’s Nicki in the blue jeans, started to walk out the door to leave, but fans had gathered and they went back in and out the side door,

unfortunately I hadn’t started my New Year’s diet and couldn’t hustle over to the side quick enough to get a photo like these fans did. They were screaming I Love You Nicki!!

I did follow her car for a little bit, and she ended up sending her driver into “Big Ass Slices” in Old City for a few slices to take back to her and Meek’s hotel. Nicki is scheduled to perform in Las
Vegas tonight and left her hotel yesterday to fly there, but Meek has to stay behind and do community service today.

As Nicki was leaving on the jet plane, Wed afternoon, her boo Meek Mill and Quincy Harris, Fox29 were on hand as Mayor Nutter honored members of the Northwest Raiders football team for winning the Pop Warner National Super Bowl Championship for the “Midget” Division.

Looks like Bill Murray is back in town. Last night he stopped by the Black Powder Tavern last night! He had the veal burger ;).

She posted this last night. Not sure why she’s in town, do you know why?

ICarly’s Jennette Mccurdy was Spotted on Walnut St. She posed with a few fans and then headed into Urban Outfitters.