Another Spectacular Erin Elmore Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Erin Elmore.

Celebrity Apprentice contestant (as she was known when I took the above shot at her 2010 bday party), now known accordingly to Philadelphia Magazine, as Rittenhouse Socialite Erin Elmore married to hunky Craig M. Spitzer, CEO of A2C IT Consulting and friends celebrated her 29th birthday (again) at Center City’s newest restaurant, Little Lion.

How much fun has it been for me to photograph these ladies for the past 8 years, and see them transition through life’s chapters. Elaine Graber, Jill Rizen, Alisa Frederico, Marilyn Kellmer, Michelle Ranieri, Tempa Berish, and Tamar Olitsky
Jill Rizen and Andy Henning
Erin Elmore and her sister Ashley Elmore-Bosonac , who’s expecting another boy in a few short months.
Kristin Detterline, Alisa Frederico and Jamie Reibenbach
Drew Coblitz and Ian Larson
Lauren and Anthony Sembello
Tommy Chiacchio and Stephanie Chiacchio. The happy couple celebrated Tommy’s birthday the following night at The Farm and The Fisherman.

Drew Milstein, Alana Bly and Steve Olitsky

Mike Toub and Nadia Maransky
Heather Baumgartner, Ian Larson, Kristin Detterline and Jamie Reibenbach
As the evening continued, dancing broke out
and bottle service and cake were served by Little Lion co-owner, and long time Elmore girls friend Jason Dills.