Photos: Chef Danni’s Hell’s Kitchen Party at Urban Farmer

Friday night NBC world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay’s television series
Hell’s Kitchen where aspiring chefs compete returned with an all new
Friday January 15, season 15 premiere called, “18 Chefs Compete,”.

Season 15
begins with the newest bunch of contestants traveling to Las Vegas to
see where the winning chef will work and preparing their signature
dishes in that kitchen for the chance to win a ride on the High Roller
Ferris wheel. Philadelphia Chef Danielle Harrison aka Chef Dani held a viewing party at Philly’s newest restaurant Urban Farmer at the newly opened Logan Hotel.

Mindy Levin, Amy Schaeffer, Melissa Lippin and Melanie Schaeffer
Tanya Scott, Kerri Ann Campbell, Samaya Gordon, and Kikanza Cunningham
Debbie Tarantino, Marla McDermott and Britt Mondrinos

A delicious meal of turkey and steak was prepared in front of us by

Executive Chef Richard Brower and Matt Christianson
with delicious sides like spinach, Brussels sprouts and potatoes

George Banks and Bari Goldstein @bestfoodphilly
Robin Kaysen and Mollie Dronson @PhillyFoodies 

Dani made pan
seared scallops which scored a 4 out of 5.
Chef Danni and her parents Marla and Greg Harrison were there to see their daughter through to the next round.