Hair of the Dog 2016 #HotDressHotMess, the set up and links to Columns

Usually every year there’s a good balance of Hot Dresses and Hot Messes at the annual Hair of The Dog charity gala. And by Hot Messes, it’s like the MTV Music Awards red carpet of Philly. Anything goes, anything to get a photographers attention cause everyone can’t be the belle of the ball. This year not too many hot messes.

Kate Beaver’s dress wouldn’t be appropriate for most galas, but it works at Hair of the Dog, which is an event that is geared for attendees from the age of 21 til nearly death. That’s what’s so awesome about the Hair of the Dog, it attracts people from all walks of life, it’s serious fun for everyone whether you bought a $125 ticket or a $250+ VIP ticket.  In the past 5 years, the party has gotten infinitely better, with this year’s party one that’s going to be hard to top. Kate Beaver tells me her gravity defying dress stayed together with double sided tape and a fishing line. Why her dress is in the Best Dressed List at PhillyMag. First of all she has a body that kills, she obviously eats right and works out and the dress fits perfectly. Secondly, the pattern matches the night’s theme “Welcome to The Jungle.” and finally she wore it well and figured out how not to make it a Hot Mess Dress.
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Cari Berkowitz, Marissa Acchione, Emma De Gennaro and Chaz Daley

I arrived before the guests and checked out the layout. This was the 2nd year in a row HOD has set up shop at the Crystal Tea Room. They really embraced the location and set up nice bottle service areas throughout the event space.

This is bottle service set up in one of the VIP lounges.

Food was delicious, as Finley Catering usually is. Taco stations, prime rib stations, cheese steak stations and plenty of desserts. Did I mention it was open bar too?

And free Cheerleader’s Calenders. Cheerleader’s was a major sponsor.

Sam and Colette Gabriel (wearing “The Right Fit Dresses”).

Carlee Sutherland and Joey Pepe

These outfits are the Breast

This look is hot

The Angelina Jolie leg was very prominent on the “red carpet” Saturday night.

The Best Dressed hostess’ Jennifer Sherlock (Did the PR for the Party) and Buffy Elyse Harakidas (director of marketing for Chorus Communications which puts on HOD)

Michelle Finley is fantastic in sequins

Fabulous DJ Sabeel Chohan

There was eye candy and eye opening candy everywhere


Matt and Stephanie O’Hanlon

Irina Mitchell, Estia and Kim Frick

I tried my hardest to get the lady on the right to kick out her leg, but she was embarrassed which I found ironic

This lady dyed her hair to match her dress. I would have used this for PhillyMag but his head isnt fully shown and it could never be used in the magazine so I used a photo that can.

Both very lovely, not loving the colors

Sent to one of my outlets but they cut it, as they only could use 15 photos.
Dan Roomberg, Jessica Roomberg, Shelby Spector and Alex Klein

One of the more daring suit choices

I like it, very gold mermaid with tiara.

Hot mess, what are you two doing? I did photoshop her dress a little longer, it was showing too much thigh.

Then again this was just the kinda photo I want to shoot, so fun

Dr. Jennifer N. Caudle and the Right Dress Gals

Color blocking

Who wore it best?

Dressy shorts

Stylish Snappers.

I really wanted the front of her dress, but everyone was all hands on deck

Before you knew it, it was over, or for some over to Voyeur for the after hours party. I was beat and headed home. Til next year Hair of the Dog. Check out my photos in The Best Dressed in PhillyMag and Philly Metro.