PhillyGossip: Ritt Sq News Did #MacMartCart Finds a Home?; No More Sweet Endings, Steap No More

Last month I tweeted/Instagramed and FB’s about this sign about Mac Mart Cart wanted to get a brick and mortar, via this sign I saw hanging near Parc restaurant on a window; the internet nearly broke with excitement.

 Since then I’ve been staking out all the empty storefronts in a 5 block radius.
People told me there were signs at other locations that promoted the popular cart, and everyone was in a frenzy with anticipation.

Today I came upon a “New Business Orange” Sticker on the old Liberty Shoe Service shop. (I’ll sure miss them for my shoe shines, but don’t fret ToBox shines shoes up on 19th Street.) Anyway good old fashion sleuthing paid off cause a tenant came out of an ajdoing building and I said do you know what’s going here. They said a Mac & Cheese place, and next door at the former Good Burger place, a cheesesteak eatery. Since I had read about the cheese steak place in Mike Klein’s column, I took this person to be credible and I’m going to tentatively say Welcome to the neighborhood Mac Mart Cart. Is this where you are going?

I guess SweetEnding couldn’t deal with the confusion over Happy Endings so it changed it’s name to Sweet cafe.

 After 10 Years, Steap has closed their Brick & Mortar and gone online.
Here’s the info