The Auto Show Gala #HotDressorHotMess, Chinese Ambasador Visits & Young Friends Are Blue,

Friday night I covered three events. And I just relized I put them in reverse order on this blog entry. Oh well, know that the last event of the night was my coverage of the annual auto show at the Pa convention Center. So often when I am out people ask me where I put there photos. Most of the time I know but sometimes columns are rejected or I find out that the editor that does my column is out that day, or on vacation. Many of the readers come here to PCC to find the photos or links, as they might not be on SM, or might miss it on SM. So here goes.

 I did a column about Friday night’s gala, which is always a fun event, especially for the car enthusiasts. Here are a few photos that nearly made it in my Philly Mag column. It was hard to choose and then narrow them down. I like this shot of the couple who left the beer on the top of the car, they told me they wouldn’t drive off with it up there.

 I really liked her outfit
The Pope’s Fiat was auctioned off and won by Michael and Kate Chapman. There’s another one on display at the show through it’s duration.
You can take a selfie with Pope Francis in front of it.
This couple didn’t make my column, but I will be putting them in the magazine when the photos are run there in April. They were definitely the best dressed.
 On Friday Ambassador Zhang Qiyue of China was honored at the Downtown Club hosted by Richard Oller, Chairman of GoldOller, GoldOller Real Estate Investments
 Many local business leaders were on hand to discuss potential future collaborations. I covered the event in the Phila Biz Journal
The Barnes held one of their quarterly Young Professional themed events on Friday night.
 Mole Street Productions was on hand again to produce the event. They created this special “pop up” dance segment to pay tribute to David Bowie. Guests really enjoyed it. They also had two bands and a DJ entertaining the crowd.
 These are some of my fav pixs that didn’t make my Philly Mag column.