A Flower Show Peek – Fun, Flowers and Photos

Friday night I had a chance to check out the Philadelphia Flower Show and picked out a few highlights here. On Monday I will have photos from the gala on Friday night, and tomorrow and Tuesday I will post more photos of what’s happening there. Make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram or FB at @Iphillychitchat – Twitter and Philly Chit Chat for the others.

I really don’t want to show you all the displays, especially if you’re going to go see it, but will just show a few highlights today.  I don’t know why media outlets show everything of the show, when the desire is to get people to go to the show. I do hope you will go, there is so much to see, and to learn about our national parks and about PHS, and the programs they offer to Philly. We’re so lucky to have an organization like the PHS in Philly. 

The theme this year is “National Parks,” and it was full of many different and beautifully executed  displays! There were beautiful forests, landscapes, artistically created animals, and lots of education on the National Parks that dot our land. And there were some flowers, especially wildflowers which bloom in the national parks, in the fields, and near the entrance of our favorite places to visit.

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Remember the theme is National Parks, try and guess which ones are depicted before you read the signs

There are free demonstrations to attend:

There’s a lot to do at the flower show too : Details on special family attractions, including the new Railway Garden, powered by Amtrak with Bachmann Trains There’s also a Make and take room, where kids can create wearable art, DIY Terrarium for an additional price.

My favorite displays are the miniatures. 

This is “Valley Forge” winter and fall. The judge’s gave them 3rd place, saying the fall side of Valley Forge of suspect. Those judges are serious.
This was the winner, the judges called it museum quality
I am always amazed at how these scenes are created by flower petals, and parts.
At Friday’s gala. I enjoyed the decor, simple, functional and attracting.
The gateway to the show is magnificent as it always is. So my photos will be taken here. Please hashtag your shots #PhillyFlowerShow and next week I will run my favorites.
When I was leaving I saw the great event planner, Fred Stein, over looking the gala making sure everything was running smoothly.