PhillyGossip: Permant Pop Up Beer Garden Logan Plaza Gets A Liquor License, As Oprah Would Say, everyone gets a beer garden – Plus Newsmakers

You’ll recall that last year chatter was that PHS was going to POP UP with a beer garden at

3 Logan Square, at 18th and Cherry
Streets, but it never materialized.
Logan Bistro Liquor License (Custom)
Reports were that the plaza was under construction, but I’ve learned it was because Tower Bistro at 1717 Arch St, had already applied for the liquor license for the plaza and I’ve been told that only one can be issued per space. Yesterday it was granted to Tower Bistro who will have a permanent Pop Up space for you to imbibed outdoors. Now you can enjoy beer and much more spirits at 3 Logan Plaza, including sandwiches from Tower Bistro, which is owned by the same folks who run Top of the Tower’s Sky Brunch on the 50th Floor. 
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visited the Philadelphian on Monday and chatted about the project (as a spur goes right in front of our building, under ground) and the new Pop-up beer garden partnership with PHS this summer at 10th and Hamilton Streets.

Philly Mag has all the deets on it and the other one PHS is doing.As Oprah Would Say: You Get A Beer Garden, You Get A Beer Garden, You Get A Beer Garden

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Did you know that Fairmount Park is planning Pop-up Beer and food concessions spots within the Fairmount Park system.

A list of potential parks and recreations sites are linked below:

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On October 15th, 2016 The Abramson Cancer Center presents Philly Fights Cancer Round 2 with an amazing line up of entertainers: Comedian Tig Notaro, Jennifer Hudson and Lionel Richie at Legacy Youth Tennis and Education Center