Don’t Stop Believin’ Chatterblast Raises Funds for MS SOCIETY with #PHILPadelphia Flip-Cup Championship Competition

Last Friday night, beer-chugging , philanthropic beer guzzlers gathered at Field House for a good ol’ fashioned flip-cup championship to raise funds for National Multiple Sclerosis Society  and  Mazeppa Productions  For the third annual event, which is co-sponsored by Chatterblast, 400 people showed up to play (58 teams) and watch, and $14,000 was raised.

IT’s FRIDAY AGAIN, enjoy this entertain clip from last week as well as blasting the best party song EVER!!

HD1_3323 (Custom)

 The follow is a pictorial of the very generous, sometimes custom tshirt clad participants in what has become a must participate outing

HD1_3341 (Custom)

 And it’s downright fun too.

HD1_3355 (Custom)

 The participants included the who’s who of the Philly young set

HD1_3358 (Custom)

 Tim Adams, of Public House, returned to MC the event with his usual flair

HD1_3369 (Custom)

HD1_3371 (Custom)

HD1_3376 (Custom)

 Congrats to Joey Conicella and  Alex Marin on their move to Dallas, for Todd’s new position in Aramark.

HD1_3380 (Custom)

HD1_3382 (Custom)

HD1_3389 (Custom)

HD1_3392 (Custom)

 You have to be pretty confident to go out like this

HD1_3396 (Custom)

HD1_3402 (Custom)

HD1_3422 (Custom)

HD1_3426 (Custom)

 Everybody loves Marissa

HD1_3457 (Custom)

HD1_3458 (Custom)

 Yeah it was crowded

HD1_3479 (Custom)

HD1_3483 (Custom)

HD1_3484 (Custom)

 Ernest Owens doesn’t drink beer, but he does dance

HD1_3488 (Custom)

HD1_3491 (Custom)

 Duck Dynasty was in the house. They told me they saw the event on FB and had to come and support. They had no idea how overwhelmingly friendly the crowd would be.

HD1_3513 (Custom)

HD1_3516 (Custom)

HD1_3564 (Custom)

HD1_3569 (Custom)

HD1_3579 (Custom)

HD1_3598 (Custom)

HD1_3602 (Custom)

HD1_3604 (Custom)

HD1_3615 (Custom)

 Did I mention it was crowded?

HD1_3626 (Custom)

 with serious game players

HD1_3640 (Custom)

 raising money for charity

HD1_3645 (Custom)

 yeah I did and even the losers knew it was all for a good cause

HD1_3665 (Custom)

HD1_3701 (Custom)

HD1_3710 (Custom)

  Coming in 2nd place were We Got Legs, who won last year.

HD1_3706 (Custom)

 Ta Da this year’s winners One and Done