#PCCBuzz: LQQK WHO HAS A FOOD TRUCK Now Serving Rocky Balburgers, Disco Fries and Old Bay Fries

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that each day I submit a photo of the Art Museum, which I take when my shuttle bus passes it or when I’m walking by. I live a cross the street so it’s not a stretch for me to know when something different is happening. I’ve notice the past couple weeks that a food truck parked itself up there. I wonder what it was but I just haven’t had a minute to run over.

4-15-2016 5-54-41 PM

Today I got a fairly good shot of it and posted it on my Social Media Channels.

4-15-2016 5-56-08 PM

I got a message back from the Art Museum. It’s their custom food truck.

4-15-2016 5-50-33 PM

Operated by culinary partner STARR Catering Group, this food truck dishes up delicious burgers with an artistic twist on the East Terrace. 

4-15-2016 5-49-47 PM

Try the classic Easy Eakins, the Italian-inspired Rocky Balburger, the Peale’s Portobello, or one of many others with a side of crispy, old-fashioned fries. The names are killing me, Easy Eakins, Rocky Balburger, Disco Fries – love. 

The food truck is open the same hours as the museum, weather permitting, AND is located at the top of the Rocky Steps, to reward you with a treat for running up them.