Welcome to the New & Improved Philly Chit Chat

For years I’ve resisted going modern with Philly Chit Chat, while embracing modern technology like cell phones that take pictures and video and go on the internet.  When I started PCC back in 2007, I think AOL was still dial up or something like that and although that was annoying and eventually changed with the times, I ignored all the readers and friends who would call my blog outdated and ugly. I said isn’t it about the content, the pretty pictures, the information, why does it have to change.  Anyway here I am thanks to Chatterblast approaching me, with one of their partners 2ONE5 who knocked some sense into me as my dad would say. With help from Ian M Crumm and my hubby Mike Toub, here we are today at City Tap House revealing the newly refreshed PhillyChitChat.  Bear or bare with me as I’ve never used WordPress, although I think I am the only one left in the world that hasn’t. I can’t wait to explore all the nuances. UPDATE FROM this point: I can see there is a bit of a learning curve, there’s little notes at the bottom saying I need more text to meet the minimum standard of 300 words, are we there yet? I was eager to get a post up so I didn’t wait for my 2one5 lesson, which I really should get one  from them as they’re the experts. Isn’t this site pretty, I’m so excited.

Chatterblast Crew at Phlipadelphia at Field House

Chatterblast Crew at Flip Cup Tournament at Field House

That was a fun event, I wrote about it last week on PhillyChitChat but need to update the site so you can see it as it fell in that area after the cut off where I wasn’t supposed to add anything. Are we up to 300 words yet, usually I dont have these issues but today I am so excited to explore the site I am at a loss for words.

The 2one5 Team at Phlipadelphia

The 2one5 Team at Phlipadelphia

Thanks everyone, and thanks Tap House Logan, Janine and Christie Honigman for arranging the party. And you my friends and readers. And Danya Henninger, Billy Penn for that really nice article on my life and how I started blogging.

4-19-2016 3-14-27 PM (Custom)

And Replica Creative and Joe Kolodi for creating my LOGO, and Wallsome for the cool wall coverings.

And everyone, sorry if I forgot to include you, feel free to send me an email or shout it out.