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Philly Chit Chat is Lucky 13

Philly Chit Chat is Lucky 13 today, in 2020 and that’s a good thing. The business is but the concept is not. In fact it reminds me of when PhillyChitChat first started, it wasn’t a business, it was a hobby. That’s where we are today. PCC covering things I find interesting, that I think you might find interesting as well. Thanks so much to all my subscribers for supporting me over the years, nearly 40,000, ok more like 39, 261 but that’s a darn lot of you who put up with my run on sentences, and writing as if I’m having a conversation.

Thanks to hubby Michael Toub who is my everything. He supports my unorthodox career, it was his idea for me to do a blog to share my photos, he’s my IT guy, he’s my best friend, the nicest guy you could ever meet, funny and friendly. I’ve become a better person because of him. Happy 26 years together too, and your birthday next week. Thanks to his parents for raising a great kid.

What started as a hobby has now turned into a career. I had no idea, nor did I ever plan it to go that way. I am grateful to you my readers who support me in this endeavor & especially for those who allow me to photograph them.

Since I was a little kid, I was always the one friends and family would come to and ask what the latest chit chat happening, and I enjoyed sharing it; dad called me Hedda Hopper (google it). Fast forward to when I was a paralegal at a law firm, Kohn, Swift & Graf, (yes I took those pixs on the website) where at one time one of the partners told me I had to stop gossiping and concentrate more on my work. Eventually in the 1990s I would become the traveling paralegal of the firm….

KSG, specifically my boss Bill Hoese, sent me to NYC to work on a great case. I figured out how to live there cheaper than commuting every day thus crossing off a goal I wanted to do all my life – live in NYC. After working 8 – 12hr days, I found I still had time to explore, and discovered I liked chronicling the celebrity nightlife in Manhattan. It was so much fun, and this was before many of the current celebrity sites were online, before FB got big, or twitter or Instagram were added to the Webster Dictionary.


At the urging of Mike Toub I started a blog about photographing celebrities, the photographers, the fans, the professional autograph seekers, basically the whole scene called Confessions of a Paparazzi. It was exciting time, I had a knack at finding out info on where the celebs would be, and using the info to my advantage where celebrity photographers would let me tag along with them as long as I didn’t get in their photos. The blog allowed me to share these adventures with a larger audience. I also contributed stories and photos to Perez Hilton and Gawker for links back to my blog.

A few of my paparazzi friends at the Waverly Inn in NYC capturing Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend in 2007

After returning to Philly when the assignment was up, surprisingly to none, I became a professional celebrity photographer, part time. I would continue to travel to NYC to photograph celebrities for the next 5 years after work, over night and then would go to work in Philly the next day very tired. It was a lot of fun. All my vacation days – 4 weeks, were spent living in NYC so I could pursue my hobby

Over the July 4th weekend 2007 with my friends Kati & Simon Curtis, who were visiting from NYC, we brainstormed. Simon coined PhillyChitChat and the rest is history. Thanks!! (We wanted to be able to include a lot of topics, not just celebrities.) Greta and Alan Greenberger on right. (2007) Greta has been a great mentor and friend for years.

Although over the years I have been able to shoot a lot of celebrities in Philly. I have to thank many of my readers, businesses and friends for their kind tips over the years in order for me to shoot so many of these celebrities or report on their whereabouts. Thank you so much!! (Thanks Michael Klein and Dan Gross for publishing my photos in the Inquirer and Daily News so many years ago, which really helped me grow.)

Stewart Bradley (what a great guy, boy did we have fun), AJ Feeley and Brent Celek

For many years I was “Paralegal by day, Paparazzi by night” until I parted ways with Kohn Swift 12/31/10, Mike said let’s see if you can make a living doing your blog cause I know you love it so much. I’ll support you for a year. A few months later I realized the only way I could make money was to be hired by PR/Clients to shoot parties as an event photographer, I would suggest they keep their house photographer if they had one, and I would use the photos took to place in the media as well as on my blog, promote their events on Social Media and pr give them photos for their social media.  I then told my readers I would be starting an event photography business, but would still write as I did the previous 3 years – who, what, when and where of the parties and the rest as they say is history. (These days they call it a pivot.)

Thanks to Jen Fred, Fox 29 who then said I’d be perfect for Fox 29 in 2011

Fox 29 came calling, where I appeared weekly for about 3 years, these days I contribute my work weekly (And appear occasionally. I was just on 2 weeks ago) This month, I celebrate 9 years as a regular contributor to Fox 29 and Philly Mag with my own column in the magazine. I also create content for  PhillyStyle Magazine, Metro Philly, Phila Business Journal, Phila Tribune, Philly Voice, and my pride and joy CBS3Philly, and am often featured on TV news shows, and I appreciate that people appreciate my mission of Philly cheerleader.  I’m so glad to have played a part in photographing the City as it came into it’s own in the last 13 years. I now have 3 photographers that work for me Andre Flewellen, Mike Hirata and Talya Hailey, and my sister Janine DeFeo who does our scheduling, and invoicing. We Will All Be Back Before You Know It!!

Thanks to Thom Cardwell for mentoring me in the beginning, and Laura Burkhardt for many years, even today she’s there for me to bounce things off of.

Philly Mag took notice of the who’s who of who I photographed and wrote this piece: I really did p/o a few Mainliner’s calling my girls “socialites”
Just like I called me a paparazzi, when it should have been paparazzo, I felt anyone who went out socially, especially supporting charities even if it was buying a bar drink, should be called socialites. It worked. I got noticed.

Philly Mag wrote about another “it” girl I featured – Maria Papadakis. This was a fun story, so much behind the scenes. Ahh I’ll never write a book.

Brandon Morrison (Custon Tux by LR2, and walking stick by Tobox) and Stacey Kracher, wearing Nicole Miller
There has never been a better friend, mentor, I’ve got your back to me in my life than Kory Aversa. Especially magnified in these trying times. Thank you so much for your friendship and for making me take selfies to chronicle moments even during that frightful storm yesterday, LOL. I’m glad you didn’t video me whimpering with fright from the lightning.
Thanks to the Ritz-Carlton and Aqiremo for hosting my 10th Anniversary Party; and Lynsie Solomon for organizing the party. She was fierce and kept the guest list at 325 people. Sorry for those I missed on the list. Only 7 more years until my 20th Anniversary Party and I’ll make sure you get an invite. Check out photos from my 5th Anniversary Party Here. Thank You All So Very Much, my heart is full with gratitude. To read more about my story head to Philly Mag, Philly Metro Billy Penn. Thanks again. Stay Safe, wear a mask (I know i hate it too) and be kind to one another. xoxo HughE

Dolph Lundgren, Shania Twain, Monique Braxton and more Philly Gossip

Dolph Lundgren, Shania Twain, Monique Braxton and more Philly Gossip

Welcome to Spring, I hear it’s snowing again in the Western Suburbs today. I do hope all this late season snow doesn’t affect the cherry trees which are just starting to bud like the ones along the Schuylkill River Thursday, as collegiate scullers practiced, brrrrr

Dolph Lundgren and Michael B Jordon were spotted at Scarpetta on Rittenhouse Square last Tuesday. Earlier in the week Dolph posed with a young fan at the Logan Hotel.

Perhaps they were both attending the Logan Hotels’s new Once Upon A Time, once a month (4th Sunday) on Sunday’s children’s reading
hour with “James Logan” himself. Milk and cookies were on the hours.

Spotted: Shania Twain was seen a few times since October at Vedge, she told fans that spotted her that she has friends in Philly and comes here quite often.  I know where I’m going to eat late night July 12.


While walking through Rittenhouse Square the other night, I noticed the top of the police “station” was newly lit. Nice job.
Saturday night in Philly was hopping. There was the Red Ball (Red Cross), The Red & White Gala (LLS), Black Tie Gay Bingo and 2018 Philadelphia UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball|UNCF, where The Today Show’s Sheinelle Jones was honored with the Legacy Award. As some of you know, I was on air at Fox 29 from 2011 – 2017, four of those years I would do celebrity gossip and scene chat on Good Day with Sheinelle and Mike Jerrick (who returns to Good Day Monday). I was so happy to hang with them last night, and I’m so grateful to both of them for all their mentor-ship. Also close by was Tori Williams, producer from Fox 29 and good friend of Sheinelle’s; plus Monique Braxton, formerly of NBC10 Philadelphia. She’s recently retired to care for her family, especially dad in his 90s.  I’ll have the photos posted this week from these events and will share the links with you.

No color ever looked so appropriate on these ladies at The Red Ball

In the meantime have a great day, and go and make some memories.



Comcast Sings Plus Net Neutrality Protest, Creed 2 and Baby on Board

Comcast Sings Plus Net Neutrality Protest, Creed 2 and Baby on Board

Hey it’s Friday, lets chit chat…..

Sly Stallone announced a new director for Creed 2, Stephen Caple, Jr. “a wonderful new talent”. He went with Caple because he’s closer to the age of the generation that he wants to relate to the story. It’s a great idea, he’s checking his ego and doing what’s right for the brand. I love following him on instagram, and watching his instagram stories. He often films his daughters, while they’re living “just like us.” Stallone also announced that newcomer Brock Lesnar, a professional wrestler, will play Drago’s son in Creed 2 as well. Basically the next generation of the Creed franchise, is similar stories as the Rocky franchise, just modernized for the next generation. Filming begins 2/26/18

Congrats to Amber-Joi Watkins and Tommy Domalski on the upcoming birth of their baby. So happy for them.

TODAY Slice Pizza is launching their Pizza of The 7 Fishes today with pizza samples today. Stop by and try it out.

OMG so precious, Social Media posting of the week.

Tomorrow the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus performs tomorrow at the Comcast Center Lobby. I just checked out the Holiday Show which plays hourly. Great show, comes in at about 12 minutes. Seeing the Philly Gay Men’s Chorus in person is a real treat as well.

People are outraged and disgusted, over this ridiculous Net Neutrality roll back.
SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY SAVE NET NEUTRALITY! We the people are outraged and disgusted at the FCC’s vote against Net Neutrality; despite the large majority of Americans in support of it. We will the show the FCC and their corporate partners the outcry of Americans and the importance of a free, equal internet to all. Bring signs, demand change, and lets show Ajit Pai what Americans really want.
Check out more info on the march here


Friday Chit Chat: Denise Nakano; Christmas Dates; IAN TV, Events I’m Shooting

Happy holidays is in full swing, despite that autumn looking tree outside your window.  Let’s see what happy news is happening to our friends.

Congrats to Denise Nakano, NBC 10, who announced her engagement earlier this week, at the same time as dropping some headline news: Megan Markle’s engagement and that her diamond is not from Botswana. Botswana was where Prince Harry and Megan went on their 3rd date, and her engagement ring contains a diamond from there.  Denise tells me that her fiance got down on one knee, and just like Megan, she answered YES before he was done asking the question.

Speaking of engagements, Congrats to Michelle Conron, Cashman & Assocs. on her engagement to fiance Chris. A 2018 wedding is

Congrats to Stephanie Humphrey on her new gig on The Harry Show. She still appears locally on Fox 29’s Good Day Show

Celebrity Sightings: LeBron James ignoring a fan while cruising through the Ritz Carlton lobby to waiting buses to take his team, Cleveland Cavaliers, to Wells Fargo on Monday 11/27/17

Holiday Happenings: Despite last night’s earthquake the lighting ceremonies of Holiday Tree happened across the City including in East Passyunk and Old City.

Tonight the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest celebrates their Holiday Tree Lighting Powered by PECO from 6-9PM. This year, multi-award winning R&B songstress Chanté Moore will headline the event, singing songs from her first-ever Christmas album, “Christmas Back To You,” which consists of classic remakes and original songs alike. I’ll be heading to the Philly Pops Christmas Concert at the Kimmel Center, through December 19, 2017. TICKETS HERE. Tonight it’s Christmas Salute, the Philly Pops entertain military, as well as fire and police families in Philadelphia.

On Dec. 1 and Dec. 2, Ardmore will get into the holiday spirit with the fourth annual Cricket Cringle event along Cricket Avenue in Downtown Ardmore. Cricket Cringle will be open TONIGHT, December 1 st from 5pm-9pm and Saturday, December 2 nd from 10am-6pm. The market will feature more than 40 curated merchants, food trucks and vendors in the holiday marketplace selling specialty merchandise at all price points. Vendors will carry local or handcrafted items including jewelry, housewares, clothing, greens, wreaths, and gifts for all ages. I’ll be there Saturday afternoon photographing all the fun festivities. Don’t forget to participate in their popular and beneficial Downtown Dollar Program. Check out the information here.


Saturday December 2 I’m heading to Suburban Square to welcome Santa and Mrs. Claus to the courtyard! Santa will arrive in style and wants to have his picture taken with all the good boys and girls (I’ll probably get coal)! You get to take home a free photo with Santa. There will also be village carolers, a magician, kids crafts and lots of treats! I’ll be shooting Santa’s arrival between Noon and 1PM Suburban Square is located in the heart of downtown Ardmore on Lancaster Avenue (Route 30), just a few miles west of City Avenue.


SUNDAY IS THE JACK DANIEL’s Hot Toddy 5K – Register for the 2017 Jack Daniel’s Hot Toddy 5k before it sells out! Registration ends Friday night. I’ll be on hand to capture the run from 9am til 1PM Hope to see you.

THEN it’s off to cover the South Street Holiday Tree Lighting. Celebrate the spirit of the season as South Street Headhouse District presents our annual extravaganza Winter Wonderland on Sunday, December 3, 2017, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, at the Historic Headhouse Square Shambles on 2nd Street, 200 Pine Street .

What a year for this young man. A Philly Mag spread, hosting events in Philly and in NYC and now congrats to Ian Michael Crumm on the launch of his lifestyle Wellness Travel Style TV program launches – IAN TV.  Take the journey with Ian and subscribe to IAN TV.


Katy Perry Rehearses, Miller Lite Free Rides, DGX Philly to sell Beer

Hope you’re doing well. It’s another edition of Philly Chit Chatter… Free Rides to the Eagles Home Opener

Miller Lite Free Rides is back in Philadelphia for the fifth season to help Eagles fans travel to and from the home opener safely.   The Original Light Beer along with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) and Mueller Inc. are teaming up to provide fans with a safe and free way to enjoy the game responsibly. Miller Lite Free Rides will available on the Broad Street Subway Line on Sunday, September 24 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Fans traveling to the Eagles home opener against the Giants can access Free Rides on Sunday, September 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. To accommodate fans headed to the game, SEPTA will supplement regularly scheduled local train service with 10 extra “Sports Express” trips. More information about SEPTA Sports Express Service is available online at www.septa.org/events/sports.html.


Katy Perry toured the Lancaster area on Sunday stopping at a few places including The Amish Farm and House  and  dined at Olive Garden (remember that time Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had dinner at the Olive Garden on Chestnut St.) She was in the area for rehearsals at Rock Lititz ahead of her upcoming “Witness” tour. The same day Lady Gaga who performed at the Wells Fargo Center this weekend, gave a shout out to Lancaster, her old stomping ground she told the crowd.
A reference to her ex-boyfriend Taylor Kinney ‘s boyhood town. Kinney has been quietly dating a 27-year-old girl from South Philadelphia, Alanna DiGiovanni, who still works at Jefferson Hospital a friend recently told me.
Itchiro Suzuki of the Miami Marlins came in to Davio’s Philadelphia for dinner last night.   He had San Danielle Prosciutto, Lobster Bisque, Caesar salad And Lobster Risotto  Thank you for the consideration!

FightsDGX Philly 1001 North 2nd Street opened last month. Last week I stopped by to check the subsidiary of Dollar Store General to see what they had to offer. It was nice, clean, bright with similar buys as Walgreen’s, but soon they’ll be selling Wine &  Beer. Rumor has it they’re having their “grand opening” this weekend. Stop by and check it out yourself


and pick up some of these delicious Zebra cakes.
9-12-2017 11-53-25 AM (Custom)
NBC10 has added a couple of Philadelphia natives to its news and First Alert Weather teams.

9-12-2017 2-07-27 PM (Custom)

I’m happy to announce I’ve joined the CBS 3 Philly family and will be chatting all things Philly celebrity doings, Philly pop culture, events and most importantly fun people. Listen to me every Friday on @981wogl (I started last month) and watch for me on Ch 3 in the near future. CBS3Philly will also be carrying my event photos, which many of you who follow me on Social Media knew I was looking for another outlet for a long time. Now with Philly Mag, Philly Style, Metro Philly, Philly Biz Journal and Liberty City Press (Al Dia, The Sun, China Star & PGN) the Philly Chit Chat brand is complete. Thank YOU Very much for your support of me.  Thanks to Fox 29 for giving me a home for the past 6 years.

9-14-2017 6-27-11 AM (Custom)
I noticed Burlington Coat Factory has moved down the street to 9th and Market, next to Century 21. Opening date is  September 22. Mina Say What will be on hand to great you.


 Mina Say What will also be hosting the Philly Puerto Rican Parade for the 3rd year next Sunday the 24th on the parkway! Check out the video above from last year, and head on down next week to say hi to her.



Philadelphia’s most star-studded event returns for Round 3 on Saturday, October 28, 2017, and will be held for the first time ever at Philadelphia’s iconic Navy Yard. This year’s Mistress of Ceremonies will be the legendary “EGOT” (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) winner Whoopi Goldberg. The evening will feature Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe winner, headliner John Legend and a performance from America’s Got Talent star and cancer survivor, Caly Bevier. The night doesn’t end there. The Philly Fights Cancer After-Party will be headlined by the iconic,
8-time Grammy and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award-winning group, Earth, Wind & Fire.
Philly Fights Cancer: Round 3 invitations will be delivered soon and sponsorships are limited. Get involved now, see here for information about becoming a sponsor or contact soberroa@upenn.edu

Welcome to the New & Improved Philly Chit Chat

For years I’ve resisted going modern with Philly Chit Chat, while embracing modern technology like cell phones that take pictures and video and go on the internet.  When I started PCC back in 2007, I think AOL was still dial up or something like that and although that was annoying and eventually changed with the times, I ignored all the readers and friends who would call my blog outdated and ugly. I said isn’t it about the content, the pretty pictures, the information, why does it have to change.  Anyway here I am thanks to Chatterblast approaching me, with one of their partners 2ONE5 who knocked some sense into me as my dad would say. With help from Ian M Crumm and my hubby Mike Toub, here we are today at City Tap House revealing the newly refreshed PhillyChitChat.  Bear or bare with me as I’ve never used WordPress, although I think I am the only one left in the world that hasn’t. I can’t wait to explore all the nuances. UPDATE FROM this point: I can see there is a bit of a learning curve, there’s little notes at the bottom saying I need more text to meet the minimum standard of 300 words, are we there yet? I was eager to get a post up so I didn’t wait for my 2one5 lesson, which I really should get one  from them as they’re the experts. Isn’t this site pretty, I’m so excited.

Chatterblast Crew at Phlipadelphia at Field House

Chatterblast Crew at Flip Cup Tournament at Field House

That was a fun event, I wrote about it last week on PhillyChitChat but need to update the site so you can see it as it fell in that area after the cut off where I wasn’t supposed to add anything. Are we up to 300 words yet, usually I dont have these issues but today I am so excited to explore the site I am at a loss for words.

The 2one5 Team at Phlipadelphia

The 2one5 Team at Phlipadelphia

Thanks everyone, and thanks Tap House Logan, Janine and Christie Honigman for arranging the party. And you my friends and readers. And Danya Henninger, Billy Penn for that really nice article on my life and how I started blogging.

4-19-2016 3-14-27 PM (Custom)

And Replica Creative and Joe Kolodi for creating my LOGO, and Wallsome for the cool wall coverings.

And everyone, sorry if I forgot to include you, feel free to send me an email or shout it out.