Comcast Sings Plus Net Neutrality Protest, Creed 2 and Baby on Board

Comcast Sings Plus Net Neutrality Protest, Creed 2 and Baby on Board

Hey it’s Friday, lets chit chat…..

Sly Stallone announced a new director for Creed 2, Stephen Caple, Jr. “a wonderful new talent”. He went with Caple because he’s closer to the age of the generation that he wants to relate to the story. It’s a great idea, he’s checking his ego and doing what’s right for the brand. I love following him on instagram, and watching his instagram stories. He often films his daughters, while they’re living “just like us.” Stallone also announced that newcomer Brock Lesnar, a professional wrestler, will play Drago’s son in Creed 2 as well. Basically the next generation of the Creed franchise, is similar stories as the Rocky franchise, just modernized for the next generation. Filming begins 2/26/18

Congrats to Amber-Joi Watkins and Tommy Domalski on the upcoming birth of their baby. So happy for them.

TODAY Slice Pizza is launching their Pizza of The 7 Fishes today with pizza samples today. Stop by and try it out.

OMG so precious, Social Media posting of the week.

Tomorrow the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus performs tomorrow at the Comcast Center Lobby. I just checked out the Holiday Show which plays hourly. Great show, comes in at about 12 minutes. Seeing the Philly Gay Men’s Chorus in person is a real treat as well.

People are outraged and disgusted, over this ridiculous Net Neutrality roll back.
SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY SAVE NET NEUTRALITY! We the people are outraged and disgusted at the FCC’s vote against Net Neutrality; despite the large majority of Americans in support of it. We will the show the FCC and their corporate partners the outcry of Americans and the importance of a free, equal internet to all. Bring signs, demand change, and lets show Ajit Pai what Americans really want.
Check out more info on the march here