Rittenhouse Square: A View Aloft by photographer John Dowell at Griesing Law

Nearly 100 people attended the by invitation only artist’s reception for Rittenhouse Square: A View Aloft by photographer John Dowell on Thursday, April 28 at the offices of Griesing Law high atop the 1717 Arch building.
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An artist and master-printer for more than four decades. Dowell’s fine art, prints and photographs have been featured at over 50 exhibitions including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Boston Museum of Art, and the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, France.  Dowell is a Philadelphia native and Professor Emeritus of Printmaking at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University.
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The firm has the perfect space for showing works by local artists
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Photo Credits: TVN Photography
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Rittenhouse Square-A View Aloft  is an art exhibition at Griesing Law, LLC.  The exhibition is the 12th show at Griesing Law since 2010.  The firm is dedicated to supporting the arts in Philadelphia with a rolling schedule of artist showcases all open to the public. The show focuses on images of Rittenhouse Square from very different perspectives than we experience while simply walking or driving by the park and can be viewed high atop one of Philadelphia’s most impressive skyscrapers.
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Photography featured in Rittenhouse Square: A View Aloft may be viewed and purchased at Griesing Law, 1717 Arch, Suite 3630.
The show is open to the public through August 31 by appointment   All proceeds from the sale of art goes directly to John Dowell.