I was Electrocuted In A Swimming Pool

Over the weekend there was a story “A New Jersey man was reportedly electrocuted and nearly drowned Saturday night in a Wildwood Crest motel swimming pool.” The man is in critical condition, and the two guys that pulled him out are in stable condition.  Metro Philly. 

I know what those guys went though, when I was in my twenties I was electrocuted while swimming in a pool.

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A decade or so back, I attended a wedding with my parents.  At midnight, I told my parents I would head to my home, but instead, as my parents probably suspected, I headed out to find the fun. I ended up going to a friends, friends house, you know those houses, you don’t really know them well, but they’re fun. This guy was about 10 years older than us, and owned his own house, so there was always a party going on there and he had a pool, which I had swum in a few weeks earlier. When I arrived everyone was fairly wasted, as was the norm for kids in their teens and twenties. I did a couple shots, drank a beer and asked if anyone wanted to go swimming. No one was interested so I said I’ll just go in myself. As I made my way back to the pool, which was not lit, I took most of my clothes off (I was fit in my 20s) and started to walk down the concrete stairs into the pool. I grabbed the metal railing and was thrown into the pool. I immediately knew what was happening, even though I had never experienced it before, although as a kid who hasn’t been buzzed by electricity when plugging in something, or coming in contact with a socket, I think that’s why at that moment I knew I was being electrocuted. My entire body seemed to extend like a flag, and all I could see was a white light, I couldn’t let go of the railing as waves and waves of electricity flowed through my body. My thoughts went directly to my parents and them finding out I didn’t go home, then my thoughts went to my boyfriend who’d wonder why I didn’t return home, and now I’m going to be found dead in my underwear at some guys house he didn’t know. The next thing I know the guy who owned the house pulls me out of the water by my left arm, and drags me across the concrete pool area onto the grass. I’m completely in shock, but no one took me to the hospital, cause we were drinking, some people were doing drugs and we really didn’t realize the severity of the situation. Someone took me home and left me at my apartment, I woke up the next day and wasn’t able to move for about three days. When you are electrocuted your body tenses up, imagine a charlie horse but happening all over your body at once. A few weeks later I saw the guy who owned the house and saved my life. I asked him how did he know to go back to the pool and save me. He said he heard a splash but then nothing else; after a minute or two he remembered that there was a loose wire in the pool light fixture which shocked his dog earlier in the week and ran to see if the same thing happened to me. When he saw me under the water, he stood near the edge of the water, keeping his footing on the concrete, then someone held his waist, he leaned over and grabbed my left arm and pulled me out. I was grateful he saved my life, but also really angry he knew about this problem. I never went back to the house, I never talked to him again, eventually he moved away and I was happy to bury that memory. I don’t go into pools alone anymore. I don’t think about this story often as it terrifies me. I hate when it happens these days as there is an inexpensive warning system now.


So if you own a pool, please buy a shock alarm. They’re not very expensive, and it could save a life.

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14 people have died being electrocuted in water since 2003