Be a Happy Traveler and plan your next vacation in Pennsylvania

Be a Happy Traveler and plan your next vacation to Pennsylvania

As long time readers of PhillyChitChat you know I love, love, love exploring Pennsylvania. I try and do 2 or 3 trips to towns I’ve never been to each year, as well as revisiting others that I enjoy.Happy


For the trip I just took to Wilkes -Barre, Scranton, Allentown and Bethlehem, I initially researched online to find fun things to do and see, but as soon as I passed a rest stop I grabbed the Visit Pa guide for a much more detailed explanation of places to go.


You don’t have to wait til you get to a rest stop to enjoy the Official Tourism Guide of The State of Pennsylvania. You can download it right here.


After you click the link you will see the cover, and a cute video promoting visiting Pennsylvania. Click on the arrow down, which you see in this photo, and the guide will download. Then save it to use until next year’s guide comes out in the Spring.


It’s fall and the birds are migrating. The handy bird-watching guide in Pennsylvania is on page 26


Also a great visit in the fall is Western Pennsylvania. Mike and I went there about 2 years ago to see the Elk migrate, yes Pennsylvania has Elk. So beautiful, and the drive there is equally beautiful. You’ll find info on Page 40 and other great sites in the Pennsylvania Wilds.  We stopped at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, and the leaves were just turning color in early October. It was a treat.


Each section of notable places to visit in Pennsylvania are highlighted by area. On page 57 you’ll see events in the Philadelphia area, from The Kennett Square Festival, which was just this weekend to the Strawberry Festival coming up next Spring in Peddler’s Village.


Then there’s a section on National Treasures located in Pennsylvania. I love having access to the guide on my computer as it’s handy at anytime. Plus I can print it out and mark up the pages as I please and still provide a clean copy for Mike to check out. He hates getting the dog eared version.


Be a Happy Traveler and plan your next vacation to Pennsylvania. Whether you are looking for family fun, outdoor adventure or just a relaxing weekend getaway, Pennsylvania has it all.

Download our eGuide today

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