Scenes from The Hillary Clinton Rally with President Obama

Yesterday Philadelphia, specifically the Art Museum area, once again took center stage as President Obama came to rally the voters for Hillary Clinton for President.


Being a people person photographer I was excited to photograph and observe the scene. Most of you know I live across the street from this spot. First thing I observed was how quickly Made In America cleaned up their festival this year. I was wondering what the motivation was when they worked 24hr shifts last week to break down and clean up.


It was interesting that they choose to put the stage this way with with the podium facing to my left, towards the crowd and if you look the press riser. I was on another press riser, one which I thought had a superior view with the Art Museum, since I am a Philadelphia afterall. But oddly his back ground, was

hd1_4502-customthis, which is super cool, but it was also


a background like thishd1_4106-custom

I’m not the expert, but I would have done it this way. I’m sure they had their reasons, wish I knew why. How awesome is this view?hd1_4104-custom


Check out those Obama family shopping bags. They were selling them for $5. On the other side was the entire family.hd1_4180-custom

He’s here. He pulled up into this tent, then walked down a series of white tents to the stage. Although there was some grip and grin shots taking inside the tent “backstage”.

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A few protestors with the head of “Mother Earth” hd1_4089-custom

Rep Dwight Evans and Rep Brian Sims, who is single now.




Timothy Miller sings our National Anthem


Kelly Burkhardt, who was shooting for Katy McGinty hd1_4111-custom

Columnist Ernest Owens, who recently left The Metro where he wrote a weekly column. Tells me he’ll be making a big announcement soon. Obama Obama Obama

Girard College in the house. A source tells me their legal problems are behind them and they are back in the business of educating kids through high school, as well as housing kids.Obama

A few more protestors. Most were protesting against the pipeline.  Obama hd1_4162-medium-custom

Katy McGinty



Congressman Bob Brady


Gov Tom Wolfe



fans recognized Mayor Jim Kenney and Sen Robert Casey and asked for selfies

hd1_4376-medium-customPOTUS stepped to the podium to big cheers at about 1:40 pm, jacket off, sleeves rolled up — and quickly referenced Philadelphia’s newest star, Eagles rookie quarterback Caron Wentz.     “I know I’m not the first person from the White House to come to Philly this week – some of you may have seen Joe Biden at the Eagles game … he told me, ‘Barack you’ve got to get on the Wentz wagon.'”     Obama continued, “I had to explain, Joe, I am a Bears fan,” drawing mild boos. “We play Philly next Monday night, but I am going to go to Philly and scout out what all the fuss is about.”     He name-checked Sen. Casey, Gov. Wolf, U.S. Rep. Bob Brady and two statewide Democratic candidates, Senate candidate Katie McGinty and attorney general candidate Josh Shapiro. (He had endorsed both in the state’s April primaries).      Of McGinty, Obama said, “this is a special woman, she’s going to do a great job.” (Pool Reporter – Jonathan Tamari The Philadelphia Inquirer)


THE PRESIDENT:  Hillary!  (Applause.)      Now, in election season, you will often hear crazy stuff.  But I’ve got to say, this year we’ve been hearing a little more crazy than usual.  (Laughter.)  Having said that, after almost two terms as your President, I am here to tell you I am more optimistic about our future than I’ve ever been.  (Applause.)  Because I’ve seen an America that, for all the challenges, for all the noise of the politics, still has the capacity to come together and do great things.      You think about it.  We fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years.  We turned around a declining economy.  We helped our auto industry set new records.  Our businesses created 15 million new jobs.  Slashed our dependence on foreign oil.  Doubled our production of clean energy.  Made marriage equality a reality in all 50 states.  (Applause.)


We brought more of our troops home to their families.  We delivered justice to Osama bin Laden.  (Applause.)  Through diplomacy rather than war, we shut down Iran’s nuclear program, opened up a new chapter with the people of Cuba, brought nearly 200 nations together around a climate agreement that could save this planet for our kids and our grandkids.  That’s what we’ve done.  (Applause.)     By so many measures, America is stronger and more prosperous than when we started out on this journey together.  In fact, some of you may have saw there was a new report out just today showing that last year, across every age, every race in America, incomes rose and the poverty rate fell.  (Applause.)  In fact, the typical household income of Americans rose by $2,800, which is the single biggest one-year increase on record.  (Applause.)  We lifted 3.5 million people out of poverty.  That’s the largest one-year drop in poverty since 1968.  (Applause.)  The uninsured rate is the lowest it has been since they kept record.  The pay gap between men and women shrank to the lowest level ever.  (Applause.)



AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Gas is two dollars!

THE PRESIDENT:  And gas is two dollars a gallon.  I didn’t even — thank you for reminding me.  (Laughter.)  Thanks, Obama.  (Laughter and applause.)  Yes.  So the steps that we have been taking over these years, they’re paying off.  We’ve shown that progress is possible.


I need you to work as hard for Hillary as you did for me.  (Applause.)  I need you to knock on doors.  I need you to make phone calls.  You’ve got to talk to your friends, including your Republican friends.  You need to go to and register to vote by October 11th.  Then you’ve got to go to the polls and you’ve got to get people to go to the polls.  (Applause.)  And if you’re willing to do that with me, we’ll win in November.  We’ll elect Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States.  (Applause.)  We will continue on this journey to create a better America and a fairer America, a more just America, a more loving America, a brighter America.  (Applause.)

That’s what we’re fighting for.  That’s why I need you.  Let’s get busy.  Let’s get to work.  (Applause.)

Thank you, Philadelphia.  God bless you.  God bless the United States of America.  (Applause.)



President Barack Obama is attending a Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) event today in PA.   *   The HVF is a joint fundraising committee between HFA, the DNC and state parties across the country that was established to ensure the DNC and state parties across the country have the resources they need to help the Democrats up and down the ballot win in November.   *   Funds raised through the HVF are now being used to fund and staff organizing programs in states across the country that will register voters, recruit volunteers and organize Democrats to turn out and support candidates up and down the ballot. The coordinated campaigns are being run by the DNC and state parties and will coordinate with local, state and federal Democratic campaigns to work to elect progressives across the country.
(From the Press Pool)