Sheena Parveen Is Leaving NBC 10, The Philly Ducks are Outta Here, Jessica Boyington Stays – Philly Gossip

Sheena Parveen Is Leaving NBC 10, The Philly Ducks are Outta Here, Jessica Boyington Stays – Philly Gossip
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Parting is such sweet sorrow, but friends of Sheena Parveen (c) knew the time would come.  I’m kinda jealous she’s heading to DC where our BFF Erin Como (r) lives where she is a Traffic Anchor/Reporter @Fox5DC #GoodDayDC. Sheena and Erin met just as Erin was leaving NBC10 to head to Nashville to do traffic 5 years ago. The two hit it off and became fast buds. Traveling back and forth to hang out, as well as going on exotic vacations. On one of those vacations Sheena met her current bae about 2 years ago, he lives closer to DC than to Philly.  Yesterday the popular meteorologist Sheena Parveen announced she was leaving NBC10 and heading to Washington NBC4 (WRC-TV). Former alumni of NBC10 and CBS3, Doug Kammerer is the chief meteorologist at WRC-TV in Washington, DC. Coincidentally I met Erin Como at Doug’s 35th Birthday party at the Roosevelt in 2010.


Bon voyage Sheena to a happy life and white picket fences near the White House.


Speaking of Bon voyage, the Philly Ducks are no more. Kinda a bummer, I never did ride the ducks here in Philly, but I do
go to other cities and ride them. I love them, such a unique experience. Seems their insurance went up 330% after a few deadly accidents.

Jessica Boyington isn’t going anywhere. I noted I had an uptick in searches for her name on my blog, and looked into it.
Rest assure readers, Jessica is just on vacation.Ducks

In the meantime, enjoy Francesca Ruscio‘s (r) traffic reports during the morning rush.


A shop specializing in Korean fried chicken and rice bowls is coming to Rittenhouse reported Michael Klein in August. I strolled by yesterday
on my way to the Armory, and ran into the owner. They’re looking for a cashier, and expect to open on Tuesday.



Also opening soon


Now Opened Target at 19th and Chestnut Street


Happy Birthday to my baby sister Crista. We celebrated at Parc restaurant last Thursday.


Last Friday I hit up the Oxygen Bar at the Wistar Discovery Gala. Check out the photos here.

I will be covering the Tapping of the first keg at the
 Armory Oktoberfest Presented By Brauhaus Schmitz
Tickets Here
Friday night at 7PM and Saturday at 1PM

hd1_1491-medium-customThey have lots of sessions, and the place really looks authentic. I’ve been to the one in Germany.


Then I’m headed to Old City Fest on Sunday.

Then Outfest mid-afternoon. So many fest, so little time.
See you tomorrow for more of Philly Chit Chat out and about.