Geno’s 50th Anniversary Block Party – And Guess What That Sign Is Not There

‘Geno’s Steaks celebrated their 50th Anniversary on Saturday October 1, 2016 with a block party complete with cotton candy, popcorn, entertainment and of course their iconic cheese steaks. Opened in 1966 by his dad Joey Vento with a couple of hot dogs, some steaks and $6, the South Philly cheesesteak staple is now run by his son, Geno Vento, the namesake of the eatery, even though Geno’s is 5 years away from being 50.



Nearly 1,000 people stopped by through out the 6 hour celebration including Tony Luke, Jr and Frank Olivieri, Pat’s Steaks, where he handed out checks to various charitable organization including Morris Animal Refuge, The Philadelphia Police Foundation, Local 22 Widows Fund, FOP Lodge, Coaches vs Cancer, and Santino’s Dragons.


I grabbed a cheese steak with a visiting friend last week, and I noticed the controversial sign to speak English only when ordering was gone. There are new signs where that sign used to reside, and it says Cash Only. When I was at the anniversary party, Geno’s peeps told me the sign was removed before the DNC as they didn’t want to offend anyone.


and I love the new branding, done by Steve Rosen, Managing Director at ab+c Creative Intelligence

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Franklin and the Sixers Cheerleaders

Gina Gannon, WB17 Weather gal with the Sout Philly Public School Honor Guard

Gina Gannon, WB17 Weather gal with the Sout Philly Public School Honor Guard


Marc Summers was MC for the day. Check out the article on his breakthrough show “Double Dare” who is celebrating
an anniversary of it’s own today. (Source)



Councilman Mark Squilla and former Councilman Frank DiCicco.



Tony Pace, (c) with The Unexpectants, who sang lots of Four Seasons songs.


There was a lot of love for these guys, especially from Brownie and Laura Burkhardthd1_0002-custom hd1_0029-custom

Not only is the sign gone, but “rivals” Tony Luke, Jr and Pat’s Steaks Owner Frank Olivieri


Came by to express their wishes on the 50th Anniversary.




There were lots of family fun at the celebration

Almost Angels enjoy Geno's Cheesesteaks at the celebrity booth.

Almost Angels enjoy Geno’s Cheesesteaks at the celebrity booth.


Thanks to Neff & Assocs’, Geno’s PR for helping me get all the shots I needed.


Geno Vento, Fletcher Cox, Eagles and Fred Massanova


Then  Fletcher Cox held a meet and greet with fans, as OPS Security kept close watch

Philadelphia Pretzel Factory created this for Geno's

Philadelphia Pretzel Factory created this for Geno’s