Philly Currents 5th Annual #PCpicks2017 Party at Revolutions at Penn Treaty

It’s hard to believe that Eddie Keels founded Philly Currents  FIVE YEARS AGO. I remember when I heard about this start up magazine, and really was taken aback that an entrepreneur would venture down that road of a print magazine, since the pundits were saying PRINT WAS DEAD. But here were are five years later for Philly Current’s 5th Annual #PCpicks2017 Party at Revolution

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Cover girl for the all important issue was pretty in pink Karen Hepp, of Fox 29. Over the years many of Fox 29’s personalities have graced the magazine, and many of them were there on the 5th anniversary party.

Gina Gannon, Eddie Keels and Renee Patrone

Eddie Keels: This wasn’t just another issue for us – this was a labor of love, whose sole mission was to showcase the amazingness we have going on in Philly! Isn’t that PC’s whole reason for existing? Yes. But pack 100+ slices of incredible into 48 pages, and that’s a recipe for the extraordinary! // One category went a step further and featured 4 individuals that are really upping the community standard in this great city of ours. We tipped our cap to @the_brittjames, @robs10kfriends, @hidden.mickey, and @cheyennegil, as they made up one spectacular page. We love what you’re doing day in and day out! // Everyone: if you don’t have this issue in print, now’s the time. We all deserve to feel good after reading a mag. Let us be your sliver of optimism 😃 []

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Congrats Toni Moshen & Joshua Moshen of Sweet T’s – it’s a girl due May 1.

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There were plenty of #PCpicks2017 on hand to feed the crowd including The Blue Duck, Slice Pizza, Yards, Pastificio Deli, Cupcakes by Ruth ! Florida Style Pizza,

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Kory Aversa and Mom Aversa


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Lauren Johnson and Alex Holley, both of Fox 29

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A great crowd turned out to celebrate the monumental occassion

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Sheila Hess, City Rep, Marla McDermott, Walnut Club and Charlie Kline

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Serena Scanzillo and Andrew Marson

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Tres Mack and Jarreau Freeman

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Alloyius Mcilwaine, CEO/Founder of Cultures Clothing Company, PhillyCurrent’s Mover and Shaker Dave Luber with fiance and soon wife in May, Lizandra Borges and sister Kelsey Luber

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Elizabeth Babson with her sister Karen Hepp

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The Revolutions Team

With Renee Patrone, Jennifer Lynn Robinson, Priyanka Setty, Michelle Leonard, Deborah Penny Cassidy and Ruth Levitt Scott at Revolutions at Penn Treaty.

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Ashley Smith Baptiste and Gus Calabrese

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Jesse Robinson, Mitzi Jackson ,  Elise Keels and Eddie Keels

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Tony Bruno, Podcaster, Humorist, Observationist with producer Robin Austin with Laura and Walt Martin

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Tammy Jean, Eddie Keels, publisher and founder of Philly Current and Revati Dostti

Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

What a great asset to Philadelphia.

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