The New Capital One Café and The #BankingReimagined Tour Comes to Philly

Hello Thursday. Hope everyone is having a great week. Finally today the sun is scheduled to shine. Last year you’ll recall I broke the news that Capital One Café was moving across the street from the south side of 17th and Walnut, to a larger space on the north side of 17th and Walnut Streets at the Latham (source) The time has come, the new Capital One Café has opened and they are redesigning the banking experience.

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We’ve been lucky enough to have Capital One Café for quite a few years across the street from the current one, but the new location brings with it additional excitement with Capital One’s Banking Reimagined which helps people understands their finances and the beneficial services which Capital One provides in an inviting space where you can go to get answers to your financial questions, recharge your devices, enjoy free wifi or simply connect with people.


I’ve already had two meetings there since they’ve opened.


There’s also a coffee bar serving Peet’s Coffee and treats from Philadelphia Bakery Merchants, High Point Cafe, York Street Market, and Bakeshop on 20th.

3-28-2017 1-19-14 PM (Custom)The pastries, sandwiches and snack boxes are reasonably priced (I had the fruit and cheese snack box it was $3.78) , and Capital One card customers get 50 percent off coffee and tea.

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There are nooks with seating, as well as plenty of tables on both levels. great Peet’s coffee, pastries, lunch items, products and banking services.

There are demo bars to learn digital tools for banking. As well as screens where you can learn banking, and financial services.
3-29-2017 2-17-42 AM (Custom) Capital One Café Coach Jimmy shows me how to use the digital tools which are mounted on the wall.  The interactive screens, designed by the same company as the Smithsonian, each of which features interactive quizzes and content built around financial education.

Coach Jimmy also gave me a tour of all the amenities Capital One Café offers, like private meeting rooms, and conference rooms, which both can be used for non-profits free of charge; there were also private meeting offices available for clients to interact privately with ambassadors about the best solution for their financial goals. Capital

Did I mention the new cafe is two floors, and the 2nd floor looks down onto the first floor, and guests can enjoy people watching at it’s best as they look through the two level windows that look out onto Walnut Street

There are four ATM’s which allow you to take out any denomination of money. If you need $12, you can take out $12, which is great cause the ATM’s these days usually only dispense $20s. You can also make deposits, and transfer funds between accounts at the ATM’s. The other two ATM’s can be accessed from the street 24hrs a day. All the ATM’s are free of charge whether you have a Capital One card, or another banks debit card.



In addition to everything else, this year Capital One will offer free workshops and sessions with a money coach. The  Money Workshops, are a series of complimentary 1-2 hour long sessions at the Capital One Cafes on topics like “How to Talk Money With Your Honey”, “How to Make Your Golden Years Shine Bright”, “Wise Wedding Planning” and more!  The Money Coach works with you to help you align your values, beliefs, goals, and spending to move toward what you want in life.


The workshops range in topics from planning for your wedding to preparing for your golden years and everything in between. You can visit to see which workshops are available and get all the info about attending.


Philadelphia-based artist Paul Carpenter might be considered a “jack of all trades.” After graduating from the University of Delaware, Carpenter pursued his interest in a variety of different mediums—painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design and digital arts—to make himself more hirable in the commercial field. As a freelance artist, Carpenter didn’t have the luxury of relying on a steady paycheck to help him pay his bills, so early on he prioritized commercial commissions over personal passions. (source)

3-28-2017 1-20-10 PM (Custom)This weekend the Banking Reimagined Tour stops in Philadelphia at Dilworth Park April 1 and April 2

As part of their commitment to redesign the banking experience, Capital One’s ‘Banking Reimagined’ Tour is coming to Dilworth Park in Philadelphia on April 1st-2nd from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM. Capital One’s ‘Banking Reimagined’ Tour will provide Philadelphians a hands-on digital experience designed to get them thinking and talking about personal finance in a new and engaging way. At the centerpiece is a state-of-the-art 54-foot trailer housing a smart, personal digital experience that recognizes participants at every stage. The experience includes

  • Interactive Touchscreens that allow people to scroll through values and goals, giving them an understanding of how their outlook shapes the way they view their money
  • A cutting-edge, Augmented Reality experience that lets people interact with 3D holographic imagery in real space and time, bringing their financial goals to life
  • Video Selfie Booths where participants can record a message for their future selves with the knowledge they’ve gained from the experience
The tour is designed to get people thinking and talking about personal finance in a new and engaging way. (Source)
To learn more, go to and follow them @CapitalOneCafe  #BankingReimagined


Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One.  To learn more about Capital One, visit OR