Carol Burnett surprises Seniors With A Visit, Barry Manilow Spotted, Body Shop Reopens

Carol Burnett surprises Seniors With A Visit, Barry Manilow Spotted, Congrats to Philly Ad Club’s Movers and Shakers

Oh I so regret not going to see Carol Burnett who appeared Tuesday night at the Academy of Music, I have a client shoot but still could have swung by. Definitely in the past few years the Kimmel Center has been getting the most amazing talent, doing the most extraordinary  things like just talking to the audience as Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper did last year, and now Carol Burnett just talking and answering questions. It’s great, very engaging, and personable.  I don’t have to tell you but Carol Burnett is a living legend with a heart of gold which was solidified to the residents at the Daylesford Crossing (I covered the opening a few years back)

How did this happen you might wonder, well the gals heard Carol would be in town and made a video for her inviting her to stop by, and she did. The first part of the video are memories of Carol, the last 2 minutes is a lovely song from the residents. Someone was able to get Carol’s people to see it and here are the pixs from her visit.

She taught the residents how to do the “Tarzan Yell”

CarolShe chatted with each and everyone, told stories about her life and show.

Daylesford Crossing’s founder Kelly Andress often says that she builds communities “that Carol Burnett would choose to live in.”   For Andress, Burnett is symbolic of a generation whose ‘coming of age’ was during a time of progress and empowerment, and who are now entering their senior years with vitality and purpose – not willing to ‘settle’ or compromise their lifestyles.

Then the next night, Tuesday, at the Academy of Music she put on one hell of a show.
For more on Carol’s visit to Daylesford Crossings check out Savvy Mainline which was on the scene

Carol Burnett headed back to the Rittenhouse Hotel, where Barry Manilow was also staying (here with Team Derek) He was in town as he had
an appearance at QVC earlier in the night. Hope they got to catch up.
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Head over to the Shops of Liberty Place for the Grand Re-Opening of the Body Shop, it’s gone over a full body makeover.Carol
Congrats to Ukee Washington


and Nicole Michalik for being honored at the Philly Ad Club’s Movers and Shakers Luncheon

Not much of a moving and a shaking Avoid the Parkway at all costs; Between the NFL Draft set up (which is still 14 days away), and the ongoing construction on the Parkway near 20th Street, it’s a headache. Or definitely plan extra travel time of 30 to 45 minutes

It’s a sure sign of Spring when the water is turned on at Swann Fountain; this week temperatures were in the 80s and swimming commenced as a Philadelphia tradition continues.  See you tomorrow for another great party I covered, and a wrap up of the week.
Then on Sunday, Easter Sunday for a special Philly Gossip, all new babies, engagements and weddings.
Have a great a day!!