City Fitness Challenges Philly to Get Moving with #MyCityMoves – Party Pixs

City Fitness issued a challenge to all Philadelphians with their new #MyCityMoves competition. MyCityMoves is a fitness competition designed to build fitter, healthier cities.  Last year – in the first challenge of it’s kind, anywhere – we they over 300 Philadelphians burning over 3.25 million calories and awarded Gary Lamsback, Jen Zoga, and Ray Davis – normal Philadelphia citizens – $10,000 for their effort. Let’s see who won this year. (CityFitness)

Closing Ceremony for City Fitness’ #MyCityMoves campaign took place at One Liberty Observation Deck. Perched 57 floors above the buzzing streets, One Liberty Observation Deck is the highest publicly-accessible vantage point of the always sunny city. Interactive touchscreen technology bring the city’s neighborhoods and historical attractions to your fingertips while audio and video media envelope you in the best of Philadelphia music, sports, and culture. The deck, which comfortably accommodates 275 people at any given time, is available for private events too. To schedule your tour of the space, email and learn more about the event options.

Food was provided by Snap Kitchen and Core Water as people mingle around the Observation Deck space.

Natalie 💋 Egenolf, Afternoons with Mike Missanelli Sports Update Anchor on 97.5, guest and Anita Oh, fashion blogger.

Rich Levering , Core Hydration and Sara Schvenemann

HD1_2508 (Custom)
Ken Davis and Isaac Hebron, ‎Assistant Principal at Mastery Charter Schools

HD1_2509 (Custom)
Ali Gorman, 6ABC and Tom Wingert, Marketing Director – ‎City Fitness

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Food was provided by Snap Kitchen

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Anne Meredith and Joseph Wingert

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Vince Vioozi and Katheine Bonnin

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DJ Hollywood and friends

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Winner Lauren Rossi with the most MEPS Earned – 13314
She was awarded The Answer Award and $1,000
Oh and a stealth body

HD1_2539 (Custom)

Anya Curtis – 13095 MEPS

Ibraheim Campbell – The Real Philly Award

Ursula Styles was honored with most creative and use of Social Media during the campaign.

HD1_2561 (Custom)
She definitely wins best Style of the night as well.

HD1_2549 (Custom)
Then there was a raffle drawing for a grand prize of $5,000

HD1_2555 (Custom)

All participants who reached a certain number of MEPS were eligible.
For complete rules and additional info check out

$2,000 was also donated to the charity Urban Roots


I just received this press release. Looks like Vea Fitness is have a month long workout challenge as well.

Vea Fitness Teams Up with Snap Kitchen and CORE Hydration for Month-Long Workout Challenge

PHILADELPHIA, PA (April 10, 2017)  — Vea Fitness, the Philadelphia-based fitness-tracking app that rewards users for working out with monetary incentives, announces its month-long workout challenge in partnership with Snap Kitchen, CORE Hydration, and certified personal trainer Joe Pepe, beginning on April 13 and ending on May 13. Vea Fitness app users can complete the “Eat Clean, Train Mean” challenge by using the app to track a workout for at least 30 minutes, twice per week. The challenge can be completed as many times as the user pleases – the more completions, the more entries the user gets into the prize lottery. Prizes include $100 gift cards to Snap Kitchen, a CORE Hydration yoga kit and backpack by Prana, valued at $299, several workout gear packages and free healthy organic drinks from CORE.

Those interested in the challenge can download the workout-tracking app in the App Store or Google Play, open the “Eat Clean, Train Mean” Workout Challenge,” and use either Vea Fitness’ GPS tracking (run, walk, bike or hike) or Gym Check-In feature to work out for at least 30 minutes. Each time the challenge is completed, the user’s name is entered into a lottery, where Vea Fitness will randomly select 3 grand prize winners, and several other small prize winners.

“We’re taking the ‘summer bodies are built in the winter’ adage to a whole new level with the ‘Eat Clean, Train Mean’ challenge,” said Jonathan Maxim, Founder and CEO of Vea Fitness. “Studies show that the best way to motivate someone to workout is through proper incentives – rewards and social accountability. With this gym-focused challenge, we’re motivating users to push themselves a step further and truly adopt a lasting healthy lifestyle.”

While those participating in the challenge simply have to workout for 30 minutes and track their time using the app, optional 30-minute fitness plans with quick and simple gym workouts, recommended by Philadelphia-based personal trainer Joe Pepe, are available in the app as a guide throughout the challenge.