Photos: Philadelphia Social Calendar Launch Party on The Deck

In 2007 I started my blog, this blog, Philly Chit Chat and at the same time bought the URL Philadelphia Social Calendar (I bought Philly Social Calendar as well) in hopes of launching a site to make it easier to find events.

5-20-2017 10-13-20 PM

I had just returned from living in Manhattan for nearly 2 years, and they had sites like this in place. I saw Philly didn’t have sites like this, in fact the news sites were barely online up and running. This was before Twitter, FB or Instagram were really used. I think at that time Facebook was still a college communication site.  There really wasn’t too many events to photograph or calendar at the time, but I made it a point to photograph something people oriented everyday for PhillyChitChat while the idea of the social calendar took a backseat.


Over the years I was approached, or approached others on doing the Philadelphia Social Calendar, but when people realized how much work would go into it they decided it wasn’t for them. It’s not a huge money maker, it’s a service to the City.


These days we have so many events, many times conflicting. Nothing was worse than last October when the Pink Tie happened the same night as Philly Fights Cancer. Two incredible organizations raising funds for cancer research and assisting those afflicted with the illness. Over the years I did have a gmail calendar on my blog, receiving between 100 to 300 views a day, but then when I revamped it last year the new site didn’t support the kind of calendar I wanted.
SocialFast forward to October 2017 and Lynsie Solomon (r) approached me and told me she and her husband Evan Solomon EFS Network, could build the kind of calendar I wanted. Then I told her I owned the name Philadelphia Social Calendar, and Philly Social Calender. We decided to go with the first name as it just seemed more complete to me than the Philly one.  It’s now up and running, so we decided to have a launch party the other day, inviting our everyday friends and a few PR peeps we work with every week. Additional photos will appear in Philly Style Magazine later today, plus there’s a great article in Metro Philly that actually tells the story better as Jennifer Logue is more concise.

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It’s a GORGEOUS DAY, head to The Deck at Moshulu at Penns Landing. It’s the hot spot for the summer. A lot of us feel it’s a great alternative to the other spots on the water as it’s laid back, chill and romantic. The views are spectacular. Thanks to The Deck for hosting the Philadelphia Social Calendar Launch Party.Social HD1_2319 (Custom) (Custom)
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