PhillyChitChat 10th Anniversary – The Most Outrageous Celebrity Shots of the Decade Shot in Philly

In another series celebrating PhillyChitChat’s 10th anniversary I have an entry celebrating a decade of Celebrity shots. I wear many hats as Philly Chit Chat, covering fun events, gala, store openings, and my favorite celebrities around town.

as I mentioned in the Metro Philly paper today, Stephen Starr has a way to the celebrities hearts. He always gets them to his eateries. Here’s Gwen Stefani leaving Morimoto in Old City; she was with her entire family, but glossy mag readers really only want to see Gwen. Sometimes Klein would tip me off, sometimes someone from the eatery, in later years I would troll Social Media for chatter. This tip came from my wireservice WENN in NYC about 11PM on a Thursday night. Gwen gave it up as we say in the business – eye contact and full body fashion,


Kendra Wilkinson what a phony (I read her book and tweeted such), everything she did was calculating for her brand, including her storyline. There’s no way I believe her husband cheated on her. They were in wedded bliss, which equals low ratings as it’s boring. But that didn’t stop me from photographing her every chance I got as the readers loved her and her drama. For awhile her husband Hank played for the Eagles. I got a tip that they were going to move into Two Liberty Place, which had recently become condos. I got the scoop and I sold it to In Touch Magazine for a couple hundred.


Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro on the set of Limitless, Phila Pa;

OMG Thank you Bradley Cooper for being so hot, and from Philly and having a huge fan base here, even a girl that walks around with your stiff cardboard cut out. I read about her in the Inky. Who doesn’t want to photograph you. I remember once you were eating at Parc, there goes that Starr restaurant again. I didn’t have my long lense on me, and am always to shy, awkward to shoot someone right in their face. So nice of you to walk across the street in my direction so I could get a shot. Amazingly no one took notice cause who would have thought Bradley Cooper would be strolling through Rittenhouse Square. – This is Bradley and Robert DeNiro filming Limitless at 21st and Market on a cold, cold day/ It was about 10F. I was across the street and this time with my long lens.

Brett Eldridge with Giraffe for Molly (Custom)
The Philly Zoo arranged for country superstar Brett Eldredge to feed a giraffe before heading to his concert at Wells Fargo. His people did not like this photo and asked that I didnt publish it in the Philly Daily News column. I gave Molly Eichel a different photo, but we did have a laugh over this one. What the heck is so bad about this shot, cat got your tongue?


Chaka Kahn, Chaka Kahn, here she is at the Rythem Awards in Philly with legendary Radio Personality Patty Jackson. Years later we would become friends to my delight.

drake (Custom)
Once someone sent me a photo of “sad face” Drake at the Stratus Lounge, posing at a bacherlorett party. I published it and it went viral
Here he’s at Made in AmericaDSC_1396 (Custom)
Marie Osmond signing the neck of a Veteran. She asked if he was going to get a tattoo, he said no, I’m just not going to wash my neck forever.10th
Jennifer Aniston’s body guard blocking my lens so I dont get a shot of her beautiful mane as she exits El Vez. You are poor sad Jennifer Aniston, this was the day after Brad & Angie announced she was pregnant.
Guess she was in a bad mood.DSC_5292 (Custom)
Speaking of bad moods and bitchiness, Jeff Daniels, boo hoo, enjoy this smile he’s a grouchy old man. OK backstory a few years after this shot of him on the Philly shot, and forgettable movie with the lovely Lauren Graham, who I adore, Jeff came to Philly to receive an award from the PFS> He was so demanding, and bitchy and I wrote about it. Well he had the powers to be ask me to remove my complaint on PhillyChitChat of his bitcheness. Klein wrote about it in his column saying he was just grouchy from appearing on Broadway 6 days a week during that time, and he was just tired. OK fine but I had already shot him a few years earlier on this movie and he was bitchy then too. Some people are just bitchy, they should own it. Diva dude. I did remove it cause Jeff threatened to never set foot in Philly again. He never did even after I removed my entry. blah Jeff.DSC_6917 (Custom)
Oh and then there’s Kate Plus 8 – Kate Gosselin. Here she’s filming on the Art Museum Steps on a cold cold day in 2010. I remember because I took a little bit longer on my lunch hour from the law firm, the next day I was let go. I don’t blame them, I had stars in my eyes. (they did let go of all the paralegals so it might have been an economy thing, stupid. That’s a political joke and if you were around in the 90s you’d know it.) Anywho a few months earlier Kate G was at the Red Ball and I tweeted that I’d have big news on Fox 29 on Monday about her. I had no idea that was her boyfriend/bodyguard with her, had I ever watched the show I would have been all over them with shots’ no I saw her get her fortune told and grabbed a shot. She was a no photos girl that night. Well that’s what I talked about on Fox 29, but was blasted by her haters for covering up her relationship with her bodyguard. Geez people had I know I would have gotten them, that’s the money shot. The story was still good and I was able to sell it to People magazine. Kate ended up blocking me forever on Social Media. Jon Gosselin and I are now facebook friends and I report about him more often these days. 10th
Oh and how about that time I tweeted to the fans, Nicki Minaj is running late but she’ll get her shortly. She’s getting a police escort from the radio station to FYE. MS Pink then blasted me “WTF is it your business”. Followed by days of her followers blasting me, but also increasing my followings, so thanks. DSC_8757 (Custom)
Nothing big here10th

LEGENDS – Geater, Joe Frazier and Darlene Love at an after party for one of Jerry’s gatherings


Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito on the set of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ TV show filming in Philadelphia on June 13, 2013 – LOVE THEM SO MUCH, have never seen the show. Last year WMMR invited me to shoot them play a charity golf game. Most memorable time ever.

Katy Perry (3) (Custom)

Katy Perry on the Art Museum Steps – those steps have been so good to me. I got the Hotty on the Steps, the car driving down the steps, sledders on the steps, another hotty, a motorcycle on the steps….


This is one of my favorite photos – Jack Nicholson thumbs up through a window. He was making a film with Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson. So much fun shooting them.

Jaime Foxx Leaving Parc Phila1 (Custom)
Jamie Fox just finishing lunch at Parc, on a cold day, but not that cold

Backwards Film Set Fairmount Park, Phila Pa

Backwards Film Set Fairmount Park, Phila Pa with James van Der Beek and Sarah Megan Thomas . I was able to get someone to bring him to the Best of Philly Mag party, and it was great.

Miley Cyrus was my best shot ever. When her fiance Liam Hemsworth came to town to film, she came in tow. I greeted them at the airport after getting tipped off by my agency. It went well. The next day a diner at Capital Grille tipped me off they were there for lunch. Great shots, made People Magazine. Then I got busy with chitchat events, but I was still reciving tips on where she was eating or shopping. I sent her tweets telling her I knew she was having Italian, of Chinese or whatever she was doing. I wouldnt be shooting her at that time but later when she wasn’t enjoying alone time with the boo, maybe she’d “give me” a photo. That time came when she was recording her CD at Sigma Sound, which I knew as well. She’d be there at Meek Mills pop up concert, and I was there too. When she went to leave I followed her down the stairs and said Miley, I’m phillychitchat, she already knew and she turned around and gave me this great shot.


Dead Man Down film set, Walnut St Phila Pa with Colin Farrell

The only shot of Demi Moore in Philly when she was filming. She never gave it up for anyone else. I told her give me a shot and I won’t take her for the rest of the time she was in town, and I didn’t. I got lots of tips but I always honored my word. When she had dinner at Continental Grill with the whole family including Ashton Kutcher, the story appeared in People Mag with this shot taken weeks earlier as it was the only full view shot of her. Other photogs tried to get shots, but she always had her hands in her face


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at Shops of Liberty Place, Phila Pa getting a smoothie


This is and was always my favorite shot and celebrity moment. A reader tipped me off that Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez were in Rittenhouse Square. Well they were but when I got to Chestnut Street I heard screaming and ran towards it. I got close to Shops of Liberty Place and people just pointed towards the doors. I ran in and caught them at the Monster Smoothie counter. They asked me not to shoot them at the counter, which I complied. I said Justin where is your security guards, he had none. He wanted to be treated like a normal person he said. Well tell that to the 150 girls screaming for his love, which were surrounding him. I grabbed a Shops of Liberty security guy and said escort them out of her to their hotel, which I knew was the Rittenhouse. As they were leaving Justin gave up this shot, but said don’t follow us. OK but 150 girls will be following you, I guess that was less noticeable. I didn’t follow them. The security guard came back said he took them all the way back to the hotel, and he tipped him a $150. Selena’s probably thinking, normal, we’re not normal. I don’t want to be normal. Why aren’t they screaming my name?