#PCC10thAnniversary CLIQUECAM PHOTO BOOTH SHOTS, oh so fun

Thanks to all my friends who came out to celebrate PhillyChitChat’s 10th Anniversary. It was truly a remarkable and memorable evening. It was an invite only party, most for people I’ve photographed for 7 years or more, and friends who’s phone numbers I have in my IPhone. We raised a lot of money for the American Foundation for Suicide Awareness. I realize I forgot a few key people I adore, and I really should have reviewed the list more than once before I sent it to my extraordinary party planner Lynsie Blair Solomon. These are shots from the CLIQUECAM PHOTO BOOTH. I love what people do in the booth. Thanks so much CLIQUECAM for being our photo booth. I love them.

Nearly 300 guest wearing tropical colors attended the event held at Aqimero at the Ritz, danced to the tunes of DJ Eddie Tulley, enjoyed cocktails from Southern Wine & Spirits, posed for illustrations by Denise Fike and in the CliqueCam photo booth. Thanks to DJ Sound & Lighting Inc for taking care of the AV and OPS for security.
Nearly 10,000 was raised for American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.

And to Lynsie Blaire Solomon LLC for producing the event and putting it all together. I had did not have time as it was the Social Season, then I took the Cabot Charity Cruise and well she did it all. This was the 3rd big event she’s done for me, and I’m so glad she decided to go into the consulting business for non-profits, individuals and business strategy. THANK YOU LYNSIE BLAIRE LLC –Lynsie Blair LLC is a full service event production and non-profit consulting company.

CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-06-42 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam CliqueCam


7-19-2017 7-05-41 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-08-50 PM (Custom) - Copy

CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-10-19 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-10-35 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam

7-19-2017 7-12-48 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-11-10 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-12-11 PM (Custom) - Copy

CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-13-27 PM (Custom) - Copy

7-19-2017 7-15-30 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-14-03 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-14-34 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-14-54 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-16-31 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-16-46 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-17-04 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-17-30 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-18-10 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-18-29 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-19-11 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-19-29 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-20-59 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam
7-19-2017 7-20-16 PM (Custom) - Copy
Thanks so much Michael Toub for your support from the very beginning. I tried to limit my going out to 4 times a week, but I could never keep to that schedule.
Happy 23 years of blissful coupling as of last week as well.
Friday I will post photos of the party, as if you haven’t had enough of me…..