#PCCBuzz The PALM is Popping, Nights In Venice Floats on Saturday, Pauly Shore, Engagements & Babies

Ohhh Good Friday, that doesn’t sound right, hmmm hey all you summer hour folks. I had no idea people had “summer hours”. I stopped by my old law firm yesterday, Kohn, Swift & Graf. No one could do lunch because of something called “summer hours” where offices dismiss on Friday at 2PM. That’s great for them, I should do that too. Hope you have an awesome weekend. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity in your support of my blog, and brand. I’m so grateful. Let’s see what’s happening to others this week. I scoured social media and this is what I have found….

The Palm opened exactly when they said they would on July 15. I heard it was packed. Some of the folks that were spotted Saturday night were Mr. and Mrs. Rubin, who came up from the shore to be there on the first night. Others around the room were Palm affectionados Don and Renee Freedman,  Sharon Pinkenson and Joe Weiss were also there, Nino and Carol Tinari, Albert & Paul Nipon, Harvey Snider (cardiologist), Paul Rosen, Esq. & Wendy, Stephen and Sylvia Feinberg, Congrats to Owner/CEO- Wally GANZI, Paul Sandler, GM, Jonathan Blanton, Asst Mgr., all of who were there on Saturday night. Through out the week there were regulars spotted former Gov Ed Rendell, Mayor Jim Kenny and I hear Jerry Blavat has been there every night. Spotted during media night was Roberta Popito, Eddie Keels, Marilyn Johnson, Lily Williams, Emily Tharp, Al For, A.D. Amorosi, I love the new compact, intimate, dining room. It’s definitely the new and improved see and be seen scene. The bar area is great too. When they told me it was in the dining room, I thought smack dab, no it’s to the side, and there’s a half wall between the dining tables and the bar area. Definitely a great first date spot where you want to be a little intimate, while not being spotted by your exes. Food and service is excellent as always.  Thanks to Aimee Cicero, Laura Burkhardt and Daniel Briones for dining with me and helping open those enormous lobster claws.

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Right on Target: Team Derek was busy this week greeting celebrities to Philadelphia. Here he is with Pauly Shore, who’s appearing on Jul 21, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA at Helium Comedy Club. Earlier this week he greeted Johnny Mathis, who graciously signed for all the fans waiting for him.

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Delicious, lovely designed Ocean Prime has some news

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Emmy-award winning television reporter. Surfer. Unlikely fan of Beatnik Literature. Queen of the Slipstream, Alexandria Hoff @Cbsphilly just got engaged

Saying goodbye to our summer intern, Brandon Brooks, as he heads off to Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp next week. Go Birds!



SATURDAY night is Night in Venice – OMG already


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Have an awesome weekend; drive carefully and I’ll be back Sunday for our regular scheduled #PCCBuzz column and hopefully post again on Thursday and get back on schedule.
Next week I will publish the rest of #PCC10Anniversary columns and photos from the party.

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Thanks again to you all for this incredible week