Creed 2, Henry Winkler, Harrison Ford and PhillyWood

Hello Philly Chit Chat, here I am again apologizing for miss a few entries last week. Thanks for bearing with me, I still have this wicked cold and I like to sleep when I have moments so I’ve been doing a lot of that.


Radnor Hunt Races yesterday. I stopped for a cocktail with friends. Tomorrow I will publish shots of the best
dressed on a muddy, muddy day on ChitChat (Thanks Katie Adams Schaeffer  for this shot)
Also busy social season. I’ll have to figure out how to stay current while still covering all the fabulous parties and events, here on chitchat, ok let’s get to the Philly Gossip this week.

I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for the filming at Victor’s Cafe ie Adrian’s Cafe in the movie Creed 2. Despite the drenching rain they were able to get what they wanted for the movie as most of the scenes were inside the cafe,

unlike three years ago when many of the scenes were outside. I was so glad I could make it over there on the first day, Thursday, which I tried to coordinate with Jenn Frederick and I doing a hit for Fox 29, but the start time wasn’t until the middle of the day.  (It wasn’t going to work on Friday as Jenn had Jury Duty, and I was covering my client – The Please Touch Museum’s re-branding in the morning)

First I headed to the Centenarian Celebration at Sugarhouse, where the Mayor honored Philly citizens 100 years and older. It’s been on my bucket list for a few years to capture the event. I’ll have more photos later this week on chitchat and CBSPhilly. Then after making a donation of $40 in the Wheel of Fortune, or misfortune on this day, I headed to South Philly and my 2 hour parking spot.

I waited nearly an hour for the table I wanted at Green Eggs Cafe, where I would have a great angle for the coming and goings into Adrian’s, and for lunch cause their food is delicious.

extras in Creed 2, some of them really work at Victor’s Cafe

BTW Green Eggs only take cash, good thing I didn’t spend that last $20 at Sugarhouse.

BTW Cyndi Lauper had dinner at Capital Grille on Wednesday nightAnd has luck would have it, Sly Stallone arrived for the day right in front of where I was sitting.

I appreciate that Sylvester Stallone gave me a great series of shots with eye contact.

I was finishing up my lunch and then Dolph Lundgren rolled in. This was a lot of fun as he was someone I had hoped to see in person. I later found out that Florian was on the set too, but I had left already. I had the HSP Gala and Franklin Square Gala to shoot that evening and needed to get ready. Those photos will be popping up soon as well.

On Instagram I had a little fun with security saying they were mad that I got the photo, they wrote to say they weren’t. And the stories I hear about the security from fans is all good as well, they’ll tell you as much as they can about the filming.

If you’re looking for a certain actor they’ll tell you whether they’re there or not so you don’t have to wait around. Just listen to them, and also don’t try and approach an actor on the set or rush on the set for any reason. There is a no flash photography rule on the set, and they try and discourage photos, but if you take them before the director yells “rolling” you might be fine. Just respect them, and they’ll respect you.

As a seasoned paparazzi in this field some sets sets are very strict, like Silver Lining Playbook with Bradley Cooper & Robert DeNiro, not so much for Limitless with the same actors. Paranoia with Liam Hemsworth and Harrison Ford, sometimes could be tough, but for the most part films shot here in Philly are more laid back then NYC.

The rules are laid down by the big boss, and he was cool with getting photos on the set when I swung by. Watch as security takes a step back so I could get a better shot of Stallone, and thankfully the director Steven Caple Jr.

I was so happy Steven Caple Jr. looked up. I think this is one of my favorite photos at any film shoot. I left right after I got this shot, it doesn’t get any better than this.

OK this is one of my other favorite “paparazzi” shots on a movie set. Harrison Ford on Paranoia (2012). This was at 12th and Walnut, and I shot it through the Starbucks window.

Dolph Lungren (Ivan Drago) and Florian Munteanu (Vicktor Drago) stopped by Rumor nightclub with friends last week.

Henry Winkler, in town for Comic Con stopped by Davio’s for dinner Friday night. He enjoyed the Soft Shell crab feature as an appetizer and pasta. He told the server that he loved the Bolognese the Linguini and Clams. A fan snapped a gotcha photo of her daughter with the Fonz in the background.
BTW who knew there was a Fonzie statue in existence. It’s located in Milwaukee, where Happy Day’s was set in.

NOW GET OUTSIDE the SUN is finally out….chat with you tomorrow….