The 18th Annual Centenarian Celebration

Mayor Kenney hosted Philadelphia’s 100-year-old residents at 18th Annual Centenarian Celebration at Sugarhouse last week before I headed off to Victor’s Cafe to catch the filming of Creed 2

I had always read about this fantastic event where the City celebrated our older citzens

The 18th Annual Mayor’s Centenarian Celebration honoring Philadelphians who are and will be 100 years old or older in 2018. This year’s celebration will feature

West Philadelphia’s Goldie Johnson, 106, the oldest woman (and oldest person overall) who will attend the event,

and Dr. Eli P. Zebooker, a 105-year-old Society Hill resident – the oldest man scheduled to participate.

The mayor posed with each of the Centenarians


Happy birthday Philadelphian Centenarians !!